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Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Tire Review

8.7Expert Score

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Off-road performance
Wet Performance
Dry performance
Comfort performance
Treadwear performance
Winter/snow performance
Strong sides
  • Excellent off-road capabilities
  • Durable with attractive tread life warranty packages
  • Optimized wet and dry traction
  • Higher load capacities
  • Remarkable stability on different roads
Not so good
  • Lower responsiveness
  • A bit noisy

All-terrain, all-season tire performance has become a priority for most drivers. Competing tire manufacturers are continually finding ways to balance highway driving and off-roading.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is one of the tires targeting the SUV and light pickup truck market segment. They are a durable brand that seeks to satisfy the driving needs of the broad customer base.

This review highlights the specs of the Discoverer AT3 XLT tires, technological advancements adopted to improve their performances, driving behavior on different roads, and a recommendation on the suitability of the tires. The tires are available in multiple sizes with rim sizes between 15 and 20 inches.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT outperforms 96% of tires in the On-/Off-Road All-Terrain category.

What are the features of the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT? 

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is one of the all-terrain tires tailored for multi-season traction and comfort. It utilizes some of Cooper’s futuristic technologies that extend its durability, increase its performance, and balance off-roading and highway driving experiences.

The treads use silica-based compounds that enhance the tire’s wear resistance. Uniform tread wear is guaranteed, thanks to the Even Wear Arc Technology. It optimizes the tire’s footprint, balances contact pressure, and enhances handling.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT tread pattern
Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT tread pattern

Cooper continues to impress when it comes to ride quality and comfort. The company utilizes Whisper Grooves that ensure maximum reduction of noises. The design of the tread patterns assures year-round traction.

Rugged Traction Shoulders, well-positioned stone ejectors, and wide lugs protect the tires against puncturing and provide additional contact surfaces to permit navigation on rocky roads, mud surfaces, and loosely packed roads.

The tire’s defense against hydroplaning has been boosted using deep circumferential grooves with additional lateral channels that evacuate water from the road surfaces. These channels alongside the full-depth sipes increase the biting edges providing sufficient traction on wet and slippery roads. Snow Groove Technology makes it easy to navigate snowy roads.

Discoverer AT3 XLT tires use a blend of two-ply polyester casings, nylon reinforcement (single-ply), and strong steel belts, which extend the durability and stability of the tires.

How long does the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT tire last? 

Cooper Tires provides an impressive warranty for the Discoverer AT3 XLT tires. The tires have a limited treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles or up to 6 years after purchase. 

The uniformity warranty covers the first 2/32″ of the tire’s tread wear. On top of that, the company covers all costs for replacement or repairs due to manufacturing material defects. The inoperability of the tires due to poor workmanship is covered up to 6 years from the date of purchase.

Like other tire brands, Cooper uses the standard tread wear indicators on their tires. They are small strips of rubber that fit in between the grooves. Tires are due for replacement whenever the treads and the indicators flash.

Off-road performance

8.5Expert Score


Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT tires are among the best all-terrain tires that perform well for off-roading. When driving on gravel or dirt roads, the tires offer a firm grip on the road and retain the handling at suitable levels. On these surfaces, drivers can negotiate corners with ease.

When driving on muddy roads, the Discoverer AT3 XLT tires post impressive results. The tires are generally stable, grip on the muddy surfaces well, and handling is modest. Drivers need to be cautious as they venture into deeper muds as the performance of the tires drops drastically.

Driving on rocky surfaces is not a problem for the Discoverer AT3 XLT tires. The tread pattern ensures maximum grip, and the debris ejectors keep the grooves clean. The tire’s casing and tread are made from high-strength materials that protect the tires against puncture, cuts, and abrasion.

Wet performance

8.8Expert Score

Hydroplaning resistance
Wet traction

The Discoverer AT3 XLT tires have deep grooves, optimized tread patterns, and sufficient water evacuation channels. All these features play a crucial role in improving wet traction capabilities. At moderate speeds, the tires respond well to steering controls, and braking occurs within short distances. 

Driving in heavy rain comes with safety concerns for most drivers. That’s not the case when driving on Discoverer AT3 XLT tires. They have deep grooves and well-positioned channels to protect the vehicle against hydroplaning. Overall, the tires are easy to handle, even when driving under heavy rain.

Dry performance

9.1Expert Score

Cornering stability
Dry traction
Steering response

The Discoverer AT3 XLT tires come with several accolades that make them good tires for highway driving.

The tread pattern provides sufficient traction and makes the tires very stable even when driving at high speed. Sufficient surface contact facilitates quick braking and effortless acceleration. 

When it comes to cornering, the tires are a little unreliable. They do not respond ideally to steering controls and can turn the driving to be a bit cumbersome. 

Comfort performance

8.7Expert Score

Ride quality
Noise score

Although Cooper has tried to minimize noise levels in most of their products, the Discoverer AT3 XLT tire feels a bit noisy. It performs better than most all-terrain tires but is not the best in the category.

The large tread blocks trade off comfort at the expense of off-road performance. The tires are likely to transfer road vibrations and shocks to the internal compartments of the vehicle. Such conditions reduce the quality of the ride.  

Winter&snow performance

8.1Expert Score

Light Snow Traction
Deep Snow Traction
Ice Traction

The Discoverer AT3 XLT tire is a safe tire that cuts through the thin snow. It is manufactured using advanced rubber compounds that withstand cold winter conditions. The Snow Groove Technology guarantees optimum traction to facilitate safe handling on light snow.

The deep grooves, sipes, and optimized tread block design ensure that the tires have sufficient biting edges to enhance traction over deep snow and ice.

Are Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT good? 

The Discoverer AT3 XLT tires are a decent, affordable choice for drivers with a more substantial bias on off-roading. The tires have above-average highway performance and are an excellent alternative for any driver shopping for all-terrain tires.

Tire sizes & specifications

Tire sizeLoad index/ Speed ratingUTQGMax loadMax InflationTread DepthTire WeightWheel DiameterRim Width RangeMeasured Rim WidthSection WidthTread WidthOverall DiameterRevs Per MileCountry
31X10.5R15LT109R C50 psi16.5/32″43 lbs157-9″8.5″10.6″8.4″30.2″687US
32X11.5R15LT113R C50 psi17/32″48 lbs158-10″9″11.6″9.2″31.4″660US
33X12.5R15LT108R C35 psi17/32″53 lbs158.5-11″10″12.6″10″32.4″641US
LT285/75R16126/123R E80 psi17/32″54 lbs167.5-9″8″11.6″9.1″32.6″637US
LT295/75R16128/125R E80 psi17/32″57 lbs167.5-9.5″8″11.9″9.5″33.4″622US
LT305/70R16124/121R E65 psi17/32″58 lbs168-9.5″9″12.2″9.8″32.7″634US
LT315/75R16127R E65 psi17/32″63 lbs168-11″8.5″12.4″10.2″34.5″601US
LT285/70R17121/118S E80 psi17/32″56 lbs177.5-9″8.5″11.4″8.9″32.8″631US
LT285/75R17121/118S E80 psi17/32″57 lbs177.5-9.5″8″11.5″9.1″33.8″613US
LT295/70R17121/118R E80 psi17/32″57 lbs177.5-10″8.5″11.9″9.5″33.4″622US
LT305/70R17121/118R E65 psi17/32″61 lbs178-9.5″9″12.2″33.9″612US
LT315/70R17121/118S E65 psi17/32″62 lbs178-11″9.5″12.6″10.1″34.3″604US
37X12.5R17LT124R D50 psi18/32″67 lbs178.5-11″10″12.5″10.1″36.5″567US
LT265/70R18124/121S E80 psi16.5/32″53 lbs187-9″8″10.7″8.7″32.6″635US
LT275/70R18125/122S E80 psi16/32″56 lbs187-8.5″8″11.1″9.1″33.2″624US
LT285/65R18125/122S E80 psi16/32″57 lbs188-10″8.5″11.6″9.5″32.6″637US
LT285/75R18129/126S E80 psi17/32″59 lbs187.5-9.5″8″11.5″8.3″34.8″595US
LT295/70R18129/126S E80 psi17/32″61 lbs187.5-10″8.5″12″9.4″34.3″605US
LT305/65R18124/121S E65 psi16.5/32″61 lbs188.5-11″9″12.2″10.1″33.6″617US
LT325/60R18124/121R E65 psi16.5/32″63 lbs189-12″9.5″13″10.8″33.4″622US
LT325/65R18127/124R E65 psi16.5/32″68 lbs189-12″9.5″13″10.9″34.6″599US
35X12.5R18LT123R E65 psi16.5/32″65 lbs188.5-11″10″12.5″10.7″35″593US
LT265/60R20121/118R E80 psi16/32″55 lbs207.5-9.5″8″10.7″9.8″32.5″638US
LT275/55R20120/117S E80 psi16/32″55 lbs207.5-9.5″8.5″11.2″9.1″31.9″650US
LT275/60R20123/120S E80 psi16/32″56 lbs207.5-9.5″8″11″9.2″33″628US
LT275/65R20126/123S E80 psi16/32″60 lbs207.5-9.5″8″11.1″9.2″34.2″606US
LT285/55R20122/119R E80 psi16/32″58 lbs208-10″9″11.7″9.5″32.4″641US
LT285/60R20125/122S E80 psi16/32″59 lbs208-10″8.5″11.3″9.8″33.7″615US
LT285/65R20127/124S E80 psi16/32″62 lbs208-10″8.5″11.5″9.5″34.6″600US
LT295/60R20126/123S E80 psi16.5/32″61 lbs208-10″8.5″11.5″9.4″34.1″607US
LT305/55R20121/118S E65 psi16/32″61 lbs208.5-11″9.5″12.2″10.4″33.4″622US
LT325/60R20126/123R E65 psi16.5/32″68 lbs209-12″9.5″13″10.8″35.4″586US
35X12.5R20LT121R E65 psi16.5/32″64 lbs208.5-11″10″12.5″10.7″34.7″598US

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