Tramlining: How to Cope with the Ruts on the Road

Once in a while, you must have noticed that your car is pulling in a different direction, making it difficult to drive in a straight line. At times, the change of direction is accompanied by small vibrations. This phenomenon is common on rough roads. What is Tramlining? Apart from road ...

Tire Hydroplaning – Causes and How to Avoid it

You might have probably felt the vehicle skid or slightly lost steering control when driving on a wet road. Roads tend to get slick whenever the surface is wet, as the thin layer of water results in significant loss of traction, which causes challenges when braking and steering. What is ...

Sidewall Bubble in Tire: Causes and Safety Concerns

Ever wondered what causes those bulging protrusions that sometimes appear on your tire’s sidewall? Well, those bulges, which usually appear after an impact when driving, are called sidewall bubbles. Any signs of sidewall bubbles should be treated as a serious safety concern that must be addressed ...

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