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Continental Tires have established themselves as leaders, spearheading innovations that improve the sustainability and reliability of automobile tires. In this review, we dissect the several technological breakthroughs that Continental Tires have banked on, ranking them among the world’s top four tire manufacturers. The review also covers the brief history and highlights key features for notable Continental Tire brands.


  • Continental Tires have focused on improving the fuel efficiency and safety of their tire brands.
  • The company enjoys a strong industry backing and rating
  • Excellent warranty conditions for diverse tire brands


  • Tire brands are relatively expensive compared to other replacement brands
  • Continental manufactures limited brands suitable for all-terrain usage

Continental Tires Overview

Continental is a German company that was founded in 1871 as a rubber manufacturing facility. It was until 1878 that the company specialized in the production of plainly treaded tires. By 1904, the company had made significant strides, becoming the first to roll out the production of grooved automobile tires.

Continental tires joined arms with several other rubber production companies to become Germany’s largest tire manufacturer in the late 1920s. The company has since then taken part in major acquisitions, expanding its trade globally. The company began trading in North America in 1987 following its acquisition of General Tire Company.

The company sells automobile tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, and a limited range of rubber products. Continental tires specialize in the manufacture of OEM and replacement tires for multiple car brands including Volkswagen, Volvo, Daimler AG, Iveco, General Motors, BMW, Honda, Toyota, PSA, Renault and Porsche.

The company whose headquarters is in Hannover enjoys a global presence and competes favorably against brands such as Michelin and Bridgestone. By 2018, the company controlled more than 12.9% of the global tire sales market.

The company focuses on improving tire safety through the incorporation of innovative manufacturing materials and tread wear monitoring equipment.

Continental Popular Tire Models

Continental Winter Contact Snow and Ice (SI)

This is an extreme winter weather tire that is manufactured using resilient rubber that retains its elasticity and malleability through the cold season. The tire brand has been engineered for use on multiple passenger vehicles, offering exceptional winter grip and a comfortable ride over wet and slippery winter roads.

The tire has a directional tread pattern that is accompanied by deep sipes to improve grip on wet roads. Continental Winter Contact SI tires have 3-dimensional sipes which are instrumental in improving steering and braking controls.

The tire brand is equipped with tread monitoring technology which monitors periodic tread wear, helping the drivers to make informed choices on when the tires should be replaced for optimal grip.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

An all-season ultra-high performance tire brand available in the high-speed W and Y ratings. The tires are suitable for use with sports cars and other high-end vehicles. The tire’s outer shoulder has chamfered blocks requisite for even distribution of road forces and heat generated from frictional contact.

Chamfered tread blocks form a solid shoulder, increasing the stability of vehicles even when cornering at high speed.

The tread footprint has deep voids that clear away surface water and by extension improving traction over wet roads. The tire brand is manufactured using rubber compounds that offer nominal rolling resistance, increasing the overall fuel efficiency of the tire.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 tires come with tread monitoring technologies, providing drivers with insights on when they should replace the tires to offer optimal performance across different weather conditions.

Continental PureContact LS

This is an all-season tire brand, manufactured for comfort and great performance. They are available in multiple sizes, making them favorable for use with sedans, minivans, small crossovers, and coupes.

Manufacturing processes for these tires bank heavily on functional polymers that are essential in improving rubber bonding characteristics. The compounds are vital in increasing tread life and significantly improves the fuel efficiency of the tires.

The brand features deep grooves and stable tread blocks that reduce the risk of hydroplaning, improving the handling of the vehicle under different weather conditions. The treads are designed for maximum noise cancellation and absorption of road vibrations.

Continental TrueContact

Worried about finding the perfect tire that offers optimal fuel efficiency across the different seasons? Worry no more. Continental TrueContact tires could just be the best solution. The tire brand has been designed using Continental’s innovative technology that minimizes rolling resistance and increases the tire’s tread life.

The treads of the tire have adopted a symmetric design which is vital for enhancing the handling and steering response of the tires. The deep circumferential grooves act as efficient dispersion agents, increasing the tire’s resistance to hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

Steel belts are used to improve the tire’s strength and retain the circumferential roundness of the tire for ultimate ride comfort.

Continental TrueContact tires are available in diverse sizes serving a wide market segment that includes sedans, coupes, crossovers and select minivans

Continental Warranty Conditions

Customers are offered a 60-day cash back guarantee for all new purchases should they feel dissatisfied. Additionally, the company caters to all material defects for a maximum of 6 years.

The limited treadwear warranty for high-end tires lasts up to 80,000 miles, though some brands may have lower treadlife warranties.

Our Opinion

In general, Continental Tires have incorporated innovative technologies in the design and manufacture of their tires, making them a suitable alternative to expensive tire brands. The company enjoys a positive industry rating.

The tires have received several positive reviews and ratings from consumers. Most consumers have described Continental Tires as long-lasting with excellent handling characteristics. Most consumers have reviewed the tires as safe alternatives since most brands come with tread monitoring utilities, guiding consumers on when to change the tires.

Few consumers have voiced their concerns over the rapid tread wear and poor traction of some brands over wet and slippery roads. The customers have indicated that some winter tires perform poorly, increasing risks when driving in wet weather.

Continental Tires offer affordable options, with several all-season, high-performance tires suitable for use in multiple vehicles.

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