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BF Goodrich
Do you sometimes find it difficult to select the rightful replacement tire for your car? The purchase of tires can be a daunting task, especially if you have to choose from a brand that is a subsidiary of a renowned brand.

This review will provide a detailed breakdown of BF Goodrich tires, exploring the most popular brands, their strengths, and the deficiencies that make them unique compared to other market brands.


  • Above-average tread life rating for multiple models
  • Relatively cheaper compared to other brands
  • The brand has favorable industry backing and rating


  • BF Goodrich’s warranty program is limited to selected tire models
  • There’s a limited variety of performance tires for customers to choose from

BF Goodrich Overview

The company was established in 1870, in Akron, Ohio. Initially, the company had been involved in the manufacture of rubber hoses and rubber belts before transitioning to the pneumatic bicycle tires and eventually shifting to the automotive tire sector. From its inception, the company has been a trailblazer in the American and global tire market. It is credited as the first American company to manufacture and sell radial tires.

BF Goodrich introduced the first tubeless tire for the American car market in 1947. The company could later develop aviation tires and high-performance racing tires.

The company merged with Uniroyal tires in 1986. Goodrich was later acquired by French tire company Michelin, which has enjoyed a favorable tire market share all over the world.

BF Goodrich manufactures a wide range of replacement tires suitable for different types of passenger cars, light and medium trucks, commercial vehicles, SUVs, tractors, earth moving equipment, motorcycles, racing vehicles and aviation equipment.

Together with the parent company, BF Goodrich continues its research in a bid to produce highly durable, affordable and eco-friendly tire models to fit diverse transport functionality.

BF Goodrich Popular Tire Models

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 All Season Tires

They are all-terrain, all-season tire models designed to conquer tough driving terrains. The tires are protected from punctures by using steel belts reinforced with nylon layers. The tires have thicker sidewalls that are highly durable and capable of deflecting foreign matter that could potentially damage the tire.
This tire model is highly sensitive to steering inputs as the treads have been designed to interlock, producing additional stiffness. Huge lugs on the tires increase the grip of the tire on soft surfaces.

T/A KO2 tires have good performances when used as winter tires, thanks to the deep lugs and sufficient void spaces within the tread blocks.

BFGoodrich Radial T/A All Season Tires

This tire model has gained immense popularity as a performance tire. The tire which has been in service for several decades has undergone major technical improvements, steadily increasing its traction, speed ratings, and handling capabilities.

Designed with a variable groove, the tire model is capable of providing excellent traction on dry and wet road surfaces.

The model’s treadwear is even and lasts relatively longer as compared to other brands. The tread blocks are adequately spaced to cancel noises and optimize tire performance.

BF Goodrich Advantage T/A

An affordable alternative tire model for common passenger vehicles. This tire type balances tire durability with performance over dry and wet driving conditions. All season handling and steering input sensitivity of the tire has been significantly raised by using interlocking sipes.

The contact surface area between the tire and the road surface is retained at an optimum level by using the equal tension containment (ETEC) system. This technology produces maximum traction while safeguarding the treads against uneven wear.

The model’s sidewall features a wedged stabilizer which increases stiffness, boosts load-bearing, and raises the responsiveness of the tire.

BF Goodrich Commercial T/A Traction Winter Tires

These tires are famed for excellent traction in light trucks and SUVs. The tires have higher load-bearing capacities.

The tire is designed with stiff treads reinforced using double-layered steel belts. The stiff tread increases the surface resistance of the tire against debris damage while increasing the tire’s durability.

Deep lateral grooves and increased biting edges raise the traction of the tires. The tires are excellently rated for their heat resistance controlled by a cooling insert fitted on the tire’s shoulder.

BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW

An ultra-high performance tire model designed to offer maximum grip on the road. The tires have been constructed to counter surface deflection thereby improving steering control while cornering at higher driving speed.
Treads and deep grooves are evenly distributed on the surface improving water evacuation and providing enough contact surface area that improves both the wet and dry traction.

BF Goodrich Warranty Conditions

The company provides a treadwear warranty for very few tire models. The warranty covers passenger and light truck tires, catering for defects arising from poor manufacturing, unresponsive materials, and defective repairs. The limited treadwear warranty runs for 6 years from the date of purchase or up to 60,000 miles. BF Goodrich has stringent assessment procedures required for a warranty to be validated.

Our Opinion

BF Goodrich tires are available in different models and sizes at competitive market rates as compared to competing brands like Michelin. The brand is well rated as per industry standards and enjoys a global presence.

Customers have provided mixed reviews on the performance and quality of BF Goodrich tires. The tires have been described as having an average tread life, above-average handling, and good performance capabilities.

On the contrary, the limited warranty assurances continue to limit the purchase of BF Goodrich tires. The company provides a warranty for selected tire models and does not compensate for damage due to road hazards or losses from bead seating damage even when the warranty window is yet to elapse.

BF Goodrich tire models available in the market are of limited types and inhibit the consumers’ desire to select high-performance tires.

In general, BF Goodrich tires offer average quality for your money. While the tires may be cheaper than other brands, the performance of several models may be limited.

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