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Hankook Tires
Venturing into markets that are already dominated by established competitors is nothing short of challenging. To beat the competition, serious research and innovation are required. That is exactly what Hankook tires have done since entering the highly competitive tire market.

In this review, we explain why Hankook continues to enjoy a favorable market share and why they remain a favorite tire replacement brand. We also delve into reviews and feedback from customers to understand Hankook’s expansion strategy.


  • Cheaper alternatives compared to competing brands
  • Durable products
  • Great warranty conditions


  • Limited product catalog

Hankook Overview

Hankook began operation in 1941, several decades after its notable competitors. The company is based in Seoul, Korea, and has managed to disrupt the tire markets, emerging as the world’s seventh-largest company. To beat the competition, the company anchored its business on environmental consciousness and opted to produce cheap alternatives. Its growth has been tremendous, with a huge global presence that is poised to grow further.

Hankook Tires has several manufacturing facilities that are spread across South Korea, the USA, Hungary, China, and Indonesia with technical and trading arms that can be traced to Germany, parts of the USA, and Japan. The company has already put in place plans to expand its production facilities in Indonesia, a development that will propel it into the world’s fifth-largest tire manufacturer.

The company specializes in the production of automotive tires and has ventured into the motorsports sector, supplying racing tires for Ferrari. The company’s competitive innovation spirit has been replicated through the several awards they have acquired over the years.

Hankook tires manufacture batteries, automotive brakes and car wheels. At the moment, it supplies original equipment parts for BMW, Audi, Dacia, Fiat, MAN, Chevrolet, Ford, RAM, Pontiac, Seat, Hyundai, Toyota among others.

Hankook Tires Popular Series

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

The tires have been produced to enhance on and off-road driving experiences across all seasons. They are available in multiple sizes, rated LT and P, and are a perfect choice for SUV and light truck drivers. The tire’s sidewalls are patterned and reinforced to increase its resistance to puncturing. The additional sidewall patterns increased its grip while driving over mud surfaces.

Compared to the conventional tires, Hankook’s Dynapro ATM RF10 contains deeper sipes to extend its service life and boost traction capabilities. It features large lugs which enhance stiffness which is essential in preventing deformation while cornering. Deep grooves between the large tread blocks provide an extra grip which is further enhanced by zig-zagging block edges.

The tire contains additional protection features that are instrumental in extending the tire’s durability. Cushioning pads located near the rim edges protect it from damage due to compressive pressure, especially when driving on lower tire pressure. Load bearing strength relies on a layer of reinforced nylon fibers and steel belts.

Hankook Ventus AS

An all-season tire brand best suited for SUVs and light trucks manufactured to meet extreme speed ratings. Due to its high-speed capabilities, it is vital that the tire’s roundness is retained. This has been made possible by using a layer of reinforced nylon material. The sidewalls use specially manufactured rubber compounds with Hankook’s special additives to ensure the tire doesn’t crack nor succumbs to abrasion.

Stress retention and shock absorption capabilities of the tire have been boosted by incorporating tensile steel belts in the construction of the tire. Apart from providing extra protection against surface damage, the steel belts enhance handling characteristics.

The tires have great braking characteristics, thanks to their solid center ribs, which are essential for raising stability at higher speeds. The shoulder blocks are slightly inclined in a bid to boost ride comfort, especially while negotiating corners.

Hankook Icept EVO 2

These are high-performance winter tires that are manufactured for sedans and sports vehicles. They are available in H and V ratings and crafted to beat the tough winter driving conditions. The tread design has been modified to provide maximum grip and traction over snow and wet roads. The asymmetric tread patterns enhance the tire’s defense against hydroplaning. Rubber compounds used to manufacture this tire provide excellent winter handling conditions and can perform well under dry conditions.

It is an eco-friendly tire whose tread patterns have been designed and optimized using computational models. This limits the tire’s frictional resistance and optimizes its noise cancellation capabilities.

Hankook Optimo H426

A passenger car tire product that is fine-tuned for an elegant, smooth and comfortable highway ride. It has superb rolling resistance characteristics, thereby increasing fuel mileage. The silica compounds on its tread increase the durability of the tire while consequently raising the tire’s grip characteristics.
The groove edges are optimized and have rounded edges that absorb surface noises and reduce vibrations.

Hankook Warranty Conditions

Hankook has devised an attractive warranty program, something that positions it better compared to its competitors. It has a limited 6-year warranty that covers repairs and replacements for defects due to low-quality raw materials or poor workmanship. The limited treadwear warranty for several of their products lasts 50,000 miles. Selected brands have a 90,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.

Our Opinion

Hankook has emerged as a powerhouse, driving innovations that have changed the tire manufacturing landscape. The company’s tire products have performed well and are enjoying good industry ratings. Hankook Tires has resorted to eco-friendly, sustainable, and cheap manufacturing solutions and in the process managed to attract a sizeable market share. They have developed a robust warranty program that adequately caters to its customers, a move that has created a solid customer base.

Overall, customers feel that Hankook Tire products have been optimized for comfort. The customers cite ease of handling, comfortable driving, and superb response to steering controls as some of the attractive features of these tires. As replacement products, most customers have noted that they last longer.
There are several negative reviews that have been issued by customers. Most of the complaints are related to customer service and fulfillment of warranty claims.

Generally, Hankook Tires produce high-quality, durable yet cheap tire alternatives that are fit for use on different car models. This is a great choice for customers looking to purchase tires within a tight budget.

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