Best Grand Touring Summer Tires

Summer is all about enjoying the fun moments, but how far can you go with your vehicle? Are you well-prepared to conquer the heat? Summer driving offers the best experiences for most drivers. Even amateur drivers have the confidence when cruising at high speeds.

When the roads are dry, the rubber hits the road perfectly. The grip is sufficient, guaranteeing optimum handling and tire responsiveness. But are all tires suitable for summer driving? Is there a tire category that beats grand touring summer tires?

Despite offering superb conditions for driving, summer seasons deal a blow to the longevity of tires. The heat causes the outer layers of the tread to wear faster. Deterioration is quicker if you are a careless driver. Grand touring summer tires have superior capabilities giving drivers smooth and comfortable rides.

What should drivers look for in their search for the best grand touring summer tires? Do these tires have better alternatives? Grand touring summer tires possess a multitude of characteristics that define their performances.

This article provides a neutral analysis of grand touring summer tires and their benefits. We provide recommendations to simplify tire shopping experiences for our readers. We also answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Tire nameCompetitors BeatenOverall RatingWet performanceHydroplaning resistanceWet tractionDry performanceCornering stabilityDry tractionSteering responseWinter/snow performanceComfort performanceRide qualityNoise scoreTreadwear performance
Michelin Primacy HP100%77.27.477.77.77.6807.
Goodyear Eagle NCT5 A RunOnFlat100%
Bridgestone Turanza ER3098%
Michelin Energy Saver95%76.96.977.97.787.807.17.376.4
Goodyear Excellence RunOnFlat92%
Bridgestone Turanza ER3381%

What makes grand touring summer tires a preferable choice for most drivers?

Fuel economy and durability are what most drivers yearn for when warm weather kicks in. Drivers need to fit the best grand touring summer tires that offer the lowest rolling resistance. In return, drivers enjoy long-range driving. Here are some design features that dictate the performances of these summer tires.

Durable tread material

Drivers tend to drive longer distances over summer than any other season. With clear roads, drivers can comfortably handle their cars, drive at high speed and for longer. Driving challenges decrease significantly during the warm seasons. Most drivers extend their commutes and cover longer mileages than any other season of the year. As a result, the tires wear out faster.

Manufacturers blend rubber, silica and advanced additives in the manufacture of the best grand touring summer tires. These components strengthen the treads and improve the resistance of the tire to frictional abrasion. 

Advanced tread patterns

Grand touring summer tires offer excellent dry and wet traction. The superb traction is a function of advanced tread patterns covering the tire’s circumference. The well-designed tread patterns allow tires to maintain sufficient footprints at all times. The high summer traction means that drivers can accelerate or brake evenly. Furthermore, drivers enjoy safe cornering since the tires are highly responsive.

The tread patterns play a role in the enhancement of ride comfort and quality. One thing that is inevitable even under the great weather is road irregularities and bumps. Driving over these irregularities increases noise levels within the vehicle. Luckily, the tread patterns of the best grand touring summer tires act as noise control mechanisms. They absorb and distribute road shocks and noises for a quiet summer ride.

A size for every car

Grand touring summer tires are available in different sizes to fit most cars, be they passenger, SUVs, pickup trucks, light trucks or sporty vehicles. Each size focuses on optimal traction, comfort and durability. There is more; the widely available tires come at diverse brands and prices. Your choices are solely dependent on your budgetary limitations.

  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Better durability than most winter tires
  • Limited for use in summer only

Comparing the performances of grand touring summer tires

A lot of engineering and material selection goes into the design and manufacture of grand touring summer tires. The ultimate goal is to give drivers a quality and comfortable ride to create memorable driving experiences.

However, for every superb tire design, manufacturers have to sacrifice some tire capabilities. The tires have a durable summer compound, but is that enough for them to rank as high-performance?

The tires have the lowest noise levels making them suitable for long-distance highway driving over summer. In comparison to standard summer tires, these tires have superior ride qualities. The best grand touring summer tires use more durable tread compounds. As a result, they outlive most performance summer tires, managing over 10,000 more miles. 

Tires in this category are suitable for moderate to high-speed driving. However, for sports vehicles, their performances will be lower. The tires offer superb wet and dry traction, but that is not enough for sports cars.

The cars negotiate corners at high speeds, accelerate faster than ordinary cars and experience aggressive braking patterns. As an alternative, drivers can choose performance summer tires that offer better capabilities.

From previous discussions, it is clear that grand touring summer tires are strictly for driving in warm weather. Nonetheless, the tires have adequate wet traction allowing drivers to navigate roads in rainy seasons.

As winter falls, drivers need to get rid of grand touring summer tires. You can only conquer the cold winter conditions using the correct set of tires. The summer compound stiffens rapidly when exposed to freezing temperatures. 


If you are looking for reliable and long-lasting tires for the hot season, then you need to consider investing in sets of grand touring summer tires. They are easy to handle, highly responsive and affordable than performance summer tires. Note that the durability of grand touring tires depends on driving behavior and proper maintenance of the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grand touring summer tires good for snow driving?

No. Grand touring summer tires perform poorly in cold weather. The material used for the manufacture of these tires stiffens (hardens) under the winter cold. Winter driving is slippery and these tires lose substantial traction, making them unsafe. 

Can I drive in the rain with grand touring summer tires?

Driving when it is raining during warm seasons with grand touring summer tires is fine. The tires provide sufficient wet traction that keeps the tires responsive to steering controls. Braking distances remain modest.

Are grand touring summer tires good enough for my family car?

It depends on your driving preferences. If you like quiet rides, grand touring summer tires will surely help you achieve that. They provide maximum traction for hot summer conditions.
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