Michelin Tires – Reviews and Ratings

Michelin tires are among the world’s most renowned and highly recommended tire brands. Michelin tires are known for their durability and excellent performance. This review provides a detailed analysis of the popular Michelin tire models, insights from the buyers, and special design features to help you get a clear overview of the Michelin brand.

Michelin Tires Overview

The French company that is headquartered in Clermont was founded in 1893. It is currently the world’s largest tire manufacturing company. Michelin was awarded the patent for the first pneumatic tire. By 1934, the company had expanded its business and had introduced a tire that was capable of running when flat (punctured).

Michelin introduced radial type tires in 1946, an innovation that propelled the company to be the leading tire manufacturer. At the time, the company served as an OEM for Citroen. Michelin expanded to North America, opening the first sales branch in 1968. As the market demand for Michelin products increased, the company acquired BF Goodrich and Uniroyal Tires in 1989.

Michelin Tires has equally acquired Camso and Taurus tire company of Hungary. By 2019, Michelin controlled 20% of the American tire market.
The company continues to engage in active research, developing high quality tires that are rated as durable, sustainable and use the latest engineering technology. The success of the company is reflected by its global presence and a huge market base and positive customer reviews.

The company serves as an OEM and replacement parts manufacturer for several car brands including Audi, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Skoda, Hyundai, Ford, Mercedes Benz among others. The company manufactures tires for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, racing cars, light and heavy trucks, SUVs and a range of heavy commercial equipment.

Popular Michelin Tire Models

Michelin models are available in a variety of sizes. Generally, the tires perform way better than competing brands. Michelin tires have higher speed ratings, handling capabilities and great response to steering inputs making it a reputable global brand.

Michelin Defender T+H

This is an all-season tire model developed for diverse passenger cars to deliver great traction in dry and wet conditions. The tire’s tread utilizes a special compound that improves its durability.

The tires have an asymmetrical tread pattern built using Intellisipe Technology which maximizes the tread’s block rigidity. The stability of the tire’s tread is reinforced using a layer of polyamide.

The tire has been manufactured with silica to improve wet traction. Lateral and circumferential grooves have been carefully designed to efficiently redirect surface water minimizing hydroplaning.

This tire model has sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches in diameter.

Michelin LTX M/S2

An all-season light truck tire model that is famous for its excellent performance and durability. The tire is manufactured using Michelin’s MaxTouch technology. The technology increases the tire’s contact surface area, resulting in excellent traction.

The tire has a steel belt incorporated within the rubber components, increasing the load-bearing capacity of the tire and providing protection against damage by surface obstacles.

The durability of the tire is boosted by increasing the silica content in the manufacturing process. Rubber used for manufacture of this tire model offers great traction under wet driving conditions and improves braking.

Michelin Pilot Supersport

This is an ultra-performance tire model that possesses excellent treadwear resistance as compared to other ultra-high-performance tires. The model is manufactured using special rubber that improves handling.

The tire is protected against deformation when driving at a higher speed by reinforcing the tire using steel belts and Twaron belts. The reinforcement increases the tire’s stiffness, making it responsive to steering inputs.

Pilot Supersport tires are stable at higher speeds, maintaining a reasonable tread footprint. By extension, the tire’s tread life is increased with an even and uniform wear.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3

Winter tires engineered to overcome the tough driving conditions. The tires are manufactured using X-Ice technology, which provides excellent traction and extended tread life.

The tire model is manufactured with Cross Z Sipes and a series of Micro Pumps that eliminates hydroplaning on wet roads.

Apart from excellent winter grip, the tires provide huge fuel savings given the minimum surface resistance, maintaining a unique surface contact patch on the road surface. The tire model is considered eco-friendly given their exceptional fuel savings.

Michelin Latitude Tour Truck Tires

They are purposely manufactured to improve the performance, durability, and driving comfort of SUVs. These tires improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and come with Michelin’s comfort technology that effectively absorbs and suppresses noises.

Their construction features 2-dimensional sipes on the tread blocks, which lock up to give superb wet traction. Special rubber compounds, which reduces rolling resistance, are mixed with silica to increase the tire’s service life.

Michelin Warranty Conditions

All customers who purchase new Michelin tires have a 60-day cash-back window should they feel unsatisfied with their purchases. The company also offers all-year free roadside assistance lasting for 3 years for all verified Michelin models.

The limited treadwear warranty caters for all tire repairs associated with production and repair defects for up to 100,000 miles or 6 years.


  • Michelin offers the longest treadwear warranty in the industry
  • Tire models designed for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Models available in different sizes and types


  • Michelin tires are expensive

Our Opinion

Michelin tires are expensive when compared to competing brands. This high cost is reflective of the impressive tire quality and the extended treadwear warranty. Consumer reviews indicate a customer base that is satisfied with the durability of Michelin products.

Several Michelin models have been reviewed as having impressive traction on multiple road surfaces, easier to handle, and have a longer tread life when compared to other brands. Michelin is highly rated across the tire industry and a preferred original equipment manufacturer, serving a number of car brands with a remarkable global presence.

There are isolated reviews from dissatisfied customers who have complained of rapid wear with some models. Apart from the high costs associated with the brand, it is a globally reputable tire brand.

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