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Hoosier Racings
Few companies have dared to venture into the motocross tire segment. Most of the products for this sector are ultra-high performance and require special manufacturing processes. In this review, we discuss Hoosier Tires, explaining in detail the manufacturing processes adopted for their products to stand out in the racing sector.

We also look into customer reviews to assess product safety, consumer satisfaction, and durability.


  • Light in weight making them preferable racing tires
  • Excellent suspension capabilities
  • Superb on-throttle traction


  • Treads wear out faster
  • Performance is significantly affected by tire pressure

Hoosier Tires Overview

Hoosier Tires was founded in 1957 with the sole goal of manufacturing racing tires. The founder, a racer, felt dissatisfied with the limited tire sizes that were available in the market. To kick start the business, the founder, Bob Newton resorted to retreading street tires using softer material to improve on their performance.

Hoosier Tire company made a breakthrough in 1988 when their products were introduced in the NASCAR racing competitions. Their success in 1988 and 1989 informed the company’s decision to expand their production facilities, a bold move that saw them establish a second manufacturing plant.

In their quest to conquer the racing world, Hoosier’s second tire manufacturing facility focused on research and production of tubeless tires that were able to offer optimal performance at speeds above 200 mph.

The success of the company has been replicated by its immense victories in racing events. To support its research activities, Hoosier has installed sophisticated production and testing facilities. The company was acquired by Continental Tires following an agreement in 2016. The company has positioned itself as a leader in the manufacture of racing tires and pledges to provide safe and quality tire products to meet amateur and professional motorsport needs.
The company produces circuit racing tires, rally tires, pro-street tires, karting tires, off-road tires for ATV, Motocross, and UTV bikes.

Hoosier Tires Popular Brands


This is a soft, yet resilient tire brand that is capable of withstanding the rugged off-road terrains with a lot of ease. The tire is manufactured using soft, yet thick rubber that gives it excellent shock absorption capabilities, supplementing the bike’s overall suspension.

The tire’s tread has been designed to offer an ultimate grip making it easy to steer on muddy surfaces. The tough tread increases the tire’s traction while at the same time improving the handling and cornering capabilities of the bike. The tire’s intermediate tread pattern employs a tough IMX25 rubber compound that raises the tread’s longevity.

Hoosier’s MX 25 front tire is taller and wider in appearance compared to similar tire brands and features a bigger lean angle when it comes to corner negotiation. The tire is specially designed to perform perfectly well over hard surfaces, with similar operational performance on otherwise softer terrains.

MX25’s cornering capabilities are great, with the tires providing superb braking for both straight cruisings and while cornering. The soft rubber compound is essential for improving the sensitivity and responsiveness of the tires to steering controls.

Additionally, the tires provide adequate protection against drifting which is a desirable feature, especially when changing lanes on a racing track.


This tire brand has been developed as a rear wheel in a bid to boost straight-line traction. The tires provide additional grip as the rider transitions from a lean or cornering position and try to maintain a straight or on-throttle ride.

While the tire offers ultra-high performance over soft surfaces, the tire tends to underperform when subjected to hard roads, slightly stiffening and increasing its rolling resistance. The soft tire body improves the bike’s overall shock absorption and vibrational dissipation, making the brand an ultimate rear performance tire.

The tire’s sidewall has been fabricated using flexible rubber material that flexes when cornering, yet is stiff enough to protect it from debris damage while riding over intermediate and tough terrains.

MX 30

This is a high-performance front tire that is designed with an intermediate tread pattern to boost resilience and increase traction over multiple surfaces. Its soft rubber compound not only increases the comfort of the tire but equally improves the bike’s cornering and braking capabilities.

Compared to other front tires, this brand has lower rolling resistance, making it highly sensitive to steering. Its on-throttle traction is superb, with the tough treads providing sufficient biting edges when cornering on soft, intermediate, and hard surfaces.

MX30 tires have better cornering stabilities and can be relied on when negotiating sharp corners and at higher speeds.

Hoosier Tires Warranty Conditions

Hoosier does not have any warranties for their products. The company explicitly maintains they will not be liable for any damages or accidents caused by their tire products. Hoosier indicates that their products have been designed explicitly for racing needs and should not be sold to the public for highway use.

Consumers who defy the warning by Hoosier are obliged to reimburse the company for any damages, losses, or liabilities that may be incurred. These strict conditions make it hard for Hoosier products to be distributed for purposes other than racing.

Our Opinion

Hoosier Tires have positioned themselves as experts and leaders in the racing tire market. Through their advanced production facilities, the company has managed to mass-produce high-quality, safe racing products that suit a range of racing competitions.

Based on consumer reviews, Hoosier Tires is a reputable brand that offers stability, comfort, and safety to riders. The tires have been manufactured using soft rubber, with tougher treads for assured tire longevity. The flexible rubber compounds make it easy for riders to navigate tight corners. It is good to note that Hosier’s tires are lightweight compared to competing brands, making them a preferred racing tire choice.

Customers have also expressed their satisfaction over the wide range of rim sizes, making the tires available for different engine capacities.

On the contrary, Hoosier tires come as expensively priced alternatives. Their strict warranty policy makes it hard for consumers to lay claims against the company should their products be made out of defective materials.

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