Firestone Tires – Tires Reviews and Ratings

Do popularity, long history, and affordability have any impacts on consumer choices? Firestone Tires have been a preferred replacement choice for several drivers and car owners.

The company’s tires have been highly rated by consumers and as per industry standards. In this review, we delve into the positives, consumer preferences, critique, and the popular tire models sold by Firestone.


  • Reasonable warranty terms for their models
  • Competitive pricing as compared to reputable brands
  • Strong industry ratings


  • Most tire models are average performance tires

Overview of Firestone

The company was formed in Akron, Ohio in 1900 to supply tires for fire equipment. The company later expanded its trade, selling pneumatic tires for wheeled transport. Firestone tires are credited as the first company to roll out mass production of automobile tires, becoming the original equipment manufacturer for Ford Motor company.

The company was instrumental in the development of racing tires. To improve their sales, Firestone scaled up the opening of service stations across the United States. Over the Second World War, Firestone was among the contracted companies that supplied the military with rubber products.

The company was on the verge of collapse by 1979 and required massive restructuring. Massive reforms that followed saw the company close several manufacturing units. It was sold to Bridgestone, a Japanese multinational in 1988. The company’s headquarters is based in Nashville.

Firestone and Bridgestone control approximately 19.5% of the North American tire market. The company continues to gain popularity for its affordable and highly rated replacement tires, available globally.

Currently, Firestone produces replacement parts for multiple car brands and industrial equipment. Their models are used by passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, SUVs, agricultural equipment, racing cars, mining equipment, and tractors.

Firestone Popular Tire Models

Firestone tires come in different sizes and designs to suit functionality. The tires are tested and rated following the strict testing protocols developed by NHTSA. Below is a brief review of the popular Firestone tire models.

Firestone Destination A/T

They are popularly used on light and medium trucks for highway driving and less often for off-road driving. The casing of the tire model has been strengthened using a layer of nylon that prevents deformation when driving at higher speeds. The tire’s overall comfort and circumferential roundness is retained using a cable strand (O-bead).

The durability of the tire model has been boosted by using carbon rubber that is resistant to cracking. This tire model offers good traction over different surfaces owing to the optimal design and positioning of tread elements.

Firestone All Season Tires

This is an all-weather, affordable tire model suitable for different passenger cars. The tire model features a robustly designed tread pattern that can handle dry and wet traction. The tire has a wider tread footprint, which improves surface traction, provides more comfortable rides, and a longer and even tread wear.

The tire has continuous ribs on its shoulder, which increases the stiffness and stress absorption ratings. Ribs are critical elements that improve sensitivity and by extension car handling capabilities.

This model contains deep longitudinal and circumferential grooves that expel sufficient water from the road surface minimizing chances of hydroplaning on wet roads.

Firestone Destination LE 2

Affordable tires are suitable for SUVs and light trucks offering superb comfort. They generally have a good traction rating. The tire models are designed to have continuous shoulder blocks necessary for ultimate dry traction.

Destination LE 2 tires perform well under wet conditions as they are equipped with zig-zagging sipes on tread blocks. The sipes and the deep grooves increase the snow traction.

The tread pattern on this tire’s model is optimized to cancel noise due to frictional contact with the road surfaces.

Firestone Winterforce 2

Extreme weather tire designed with special rubber compounds to provide a perfect grip and optimal performance over icy driving surfaces. The tires have full-depth treads that contribute to longer tire life. This model is suitable for sedans, coupes, and wagons.

Firestone Destination MT

These are rugged tires specially designed for off-road driving. The tire provides sufficient durability, traction and boasts of triple-layered polyester plies for additional strength. The model has huge, self-cleaning lugs spreading to the tire’s shoulder.

Firestone Champion with Fuel Fighter Technology

All season tires are designed to provide maximum performance on the highway, with rated speeds of T, H, and V. The tire’s tread is manufactured using low resistance compounds with an optimized tread pattern. The tread provides minimal resistance to rolling which equates to reasonable fuel savings.

The tire’s rib is a continuous solid, maintaining surface contacts at higher speeds, promptly responding to driving inputs. Full-depth tread features ensure that the tire wears out uniformly, increasing the tire model’s overall longevity.

Firestone Warranty Conditions

Firestone offers a 90-day cash back guarantee period. Drivers can buy, try and return the tires if unsatisfied during this timeframe. The company uses Gold Pledge Limited warranty and will replace all new tires, covering any manufacturing defects for up to 3 years after purchase.

Firestone has specific guidelines for warranties that affect winter, temporary use or spare tires. The company’s treadwear warranty is limited to 70,000 miles.

Our Opinion

Firestone tires are competitively priced and are slightly cheaper as compared to big brand models. Their tires are available in diverse sizes and models which may alter pricing scales. Consumers have expressed confidence in a number of tire brands, specifically pointing out the ease of handling, stability, and superb traction over wet roads. The tires have also been reviewed as durable and comfortable.

Few customers have given negative reviews due to the rapid wear of treads in some models, reduced traction on wet surfaces after a short tread life of 20,000 miles against the rated 70,000 miles. There are claims of uneven wear and tear reported by some customers.

Generally, Firestone tires will offer you value for money, have a global presence, and stock models for different car models. Firestone tires perform exceptionally well with light trucks and SUVs.

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