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Every driver anticipates that their tire dealer will offer a superb discount every time he/she sets out for a new purchase. On the contrary, cheaper tire alternatives have been depicted to perform dismally. However, tire brands such as General Tires provide cheap, yet durable and safe alternatives that meet minimum industry standards.

This review details the enormous technical strides and consumer feedback in regard to General Tires as a brand.


  • Above average warranty conditions
  • Cheaper alternatives compared to similar performance tires
  • Strong industry ratings backed by customer loyalty


  • Available options have limited performance capabilities

General Tires Overview

General Tires company has its history dating back to 1915. The company which was founded in Akron, Ohio diversified into a conglomerate, with a focus on rubber products, aeronautics, and rocketry. As at present, the company is operating as an affiliate, following its acquisition by Continental Tires in 1987.

The company has made significant investments in research, something that saw it unveil carbon black latex mixing technology. Their success in the manufacture of tires prompted them to develop America’s largest tire testing track which came into operation in 1959.

In 2000 when the company extended its trade to Europe, the management decided to focus on high-quality, high-performance tires, with a bias for the rugged and off-road tires. Their European market segment has been boosted by rising demand for custom General Tires products. Altimax Comfort and Grabber GT remain the company’s best-selling products in Europe.

General Tires has continually banked on its rich production history and leverages on Continental Tire technology in its quest to manufacture reliable and durable tire products. Its catalog has varying tire sizes that can navigate diverse roads, with a product for virtually every vehicle.

As an affiliate to Continental Tires, General Tires produced original equipment and replacement parts for General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, and selected Mercedes Benz vehicles.

General Tire Popular Brands

General Tire Altimax HP All Season Tires

High-performance, all-season tire brand that has been designed for a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, small SUVs, and performance minivans. The tires come with wear indicators that are vital for monitoring tire wear and alignment.

Apart from excellent performance, these tires are the perfect choice for those drivers who value comfort. The treads have acoustic modulation technologies that dampen noise and cancel out vibrations due to road irregularities.

The rubber used for the manufacture of these tires has both the high and low-density compounds carefully mixed to improve the tire’s tread life and reduce rolling resistance.

The tire is made with a reactive contour technology that adjusts the contact surface patch to maximize traction over uneven driving conditions. Additionally, the stability and the grip on the highway have been enhanced by adopting a solid central rib.

General Grabber A/Tx

A versatile all-season tire that combines off-road capabilities and highway performance. The all-season tire brand is designed with an absorptive layer that dissipates road irregularities, providing smooth rides.

The Stabilitread Technology balances the tread’s wear and boosts its resistance to damage by chips and off-road debris. The deep grooves on the tire provide exceptional traction capabilities when driving over loose surfaces.

The tread pattern features multi-angled edges that increase the tire’s grip on the road. Treads that extend to the sidewall provide additional traction and boost the tire’s grip on loose grounds.

General Tire AltiMAX Arctic Winter Tires

This is a winter tire brand that offers a better mixture of durability, comfort and traction as compared to other winter tires. The tires have been manufactured using General Tires Quad Technology.

The tire has a directional tread that comes with deep circumferential grooves to protect the vehicle against hydroplaning. Its treads are fabricated using high silica content that offers flexibility during extremely cold weather conditions and extends the tire’s service life.

Surface contact technology ensures that adequate contact areas are retained throughout the driving period, protecting the treads from uneven wear.

General Tire Grabber AT2 Truck Tires

These are tires that have been designed for extreme highway and off-road traction, with a focus on SUVs and light trucks. The tires produce excellent grip, making them suitable for off-road adventures.

Its aggressive tread is manufactured to be self-cleaning increasing the possibility of the tire cruising over loose and muddy roads. The blocks have been deeply molded with internal sipes that enhance tire stability and increase surface grip.

The treads have adopted a V-pattern that expedites the tire’s braking capabilities and contributes to its durability. The treads have been arranged in a manner that they cancel out road vibrations, keeping the noise levels at low levels increasing the driving comfort.

General Tire G-Max AS-03 Performance Tires

This is a range of ultra-high performance tires manufactured for an all-season driving experience. Its tread enhancements are focused on increasing the tire’s biting edges while raising the tire’s heat dissipation capabilities.

It has deep circumferential grooves that disperse surface water, significantly raising the tire’s defense to hydroplaning.

General Tires Warranty Conditions

General Tires offers a 45-day cash-back guarantee for all replacement tire purchases. The company also extends a maximum tread life wear warranty that extends to 75,000 miles. General Tires and light truck tires are eligible for a limited warranty that lasts to a maximum of 6 years, with free replacement during the first year since their purchase.

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a competitively priced replacement tire, then General Tires could be the ultimate alternative. While compared to competing brands, General Tires have a market value that is slightly lower than market averages.

The company offers reasonable tire warranty terms with assurances of longer tread life and comfortable rides. Most customers have expressed their confidence, claiming to have purchased General Tires for over 4 decades. This is an indication that the company produces reliable, high-quality and long-lasting products.

Customers have indicated that the tires wear evenly, with superb handling capabilities. Fewer customers have complained about poor handling and safety issues associated with General Tires. Overall, they are a perfect choice for a lean budget.

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