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Dunlop Tires
Every driver desires to exploit the maximum potential of their vehicles for optimal performance. Dunlop Tires offers you an opportunity to enjoy the offerings of high-performance tires. They cater to your safety, comfort, and handling capabilities, which you drive and enjoy.

In this review, we explore Dunlop’s best manufacturing practices that set them apart from its competitors. We look into some of their most popular brands and capture candid reviews from some of their customers.


  • Tires enjoy high industry ratings
  • Excellent durability
  • Most tires tuned for optimal performance
  • Available in several sizes
  • Good warranty conditions


  • Slightly expensive compare to other replacement brands in the market
  • Few all-season brands perform poorly in winter

Dunlop Tires Overview

Dunlop Tires was established in 1889 in Birmingham, England following the founder’s invention of pneumatic cushioning. Dunlop’s first products were debuted at a bicycle racing event. Following the success of Dunlop’s products at the event, the company embarked on commercial production, with the establishment of a manufacturing facility in Dublin, Ireland, and another in Germany in 1893. By 1895, they had set up manufacturing facilities in the USA and Australia, with markets expanding to France and Canada.

Prior to World War 2, Dunlop had gained popularity and had expanded its production facilities to manufacture tires customized for racing, automotive brakes, golf and tennis balls, flooring materials, and a range of industrial rubber products. Dunlop has since then been engaged in active research, following the footsteps of the founder who wanted to enhance the performance of vehicles and make driving experiences memorable.

Dunlop and Sumitomo entered into a cooperation agreement in 1984. This was followed by consolidation with Goodyear in 1999, a move that saw them create the world’s largest tire manufacturing company.

Dunlop Tires has been a pioneer in the motorsport scene and has leveraged innovations in the sector to tune up their mainstream products to fit different driving conditions.

The company manufactures original equipment and replacement parts for different brands including Toyota, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Fiat, Bentley, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Renault, Nissan, Skoda, and Mercedes Benz. The company also produces racing tires for motorcycles, sports cars, and bicycles.

Dunlop Tires Popular Brands

Dunlop Direzza DZ102

An all-season tire specifically manufactured for ultra-high performance and highway comfort. The treads have been manufactured to last longer by using special silicon and carbon compounds. The longevity of the tire depends on the large blocks and deep sidewall grooves.

The water dispersion and hydroplaning defense capabilities have been raised by using deep circumferential chutes. Its casing has been designed relying on Dunlop’s Jointless Band solution that enhances the tire’s strength and lowers its susceptibility to deformation at high speed.

The tire provides defensive protection against the rim using the Max Flange Shield that raises the tire’s resilience against damage from bumps or other irregularities on the road. The brand is suitable for sports cars.

Dunlop Signature CS

All-season tire that is designed for use with crossover utility vehicles. They are manufactured for optimum driving comfort, easy handling, and durability. Owing to the load-bearing needs for CUVs, the tires come with Versaload Technology to assist them with stress distribution.

The sidewalls have been reinforced using Dunlop’s Jointless Band manufacturing process which improves its resistance to deformation when driving at high speeds or while cornering.

Comfort is at the heart of this tire’s design. The tread contains varying pitches to allow it to cancel out maximum noises from the road surface while increasing its grip.

Grooves that run on the entire tread provide additional traction when driving under wet conditions and boost the vehicle’s overall defense against hydroplaning.

Dunlop GrandTrek AT20

This tire brand is designed for light trucks and SUVs to provide excellent safety and driving comfort. They are simpler to handle and are highly responsive to steering controls. Their load-bearing capacities are improved using VersaLoad Technology. This technology is equally essential for improving surface traction by providing a uniform contact surface area while driving.

The tire features deep grooves that extend to the shoulders, giving it a tough structure that is capable of handling wet and dry driving conditions. The treads are designed using Dunlop’s Multi-Pitch technology that lowers vibrations and minimizes road noises to offer a comfortable ride.

The stability and durability of the tire have been boosted by using polyester casings which are durable and provide quantitative stiffness to support huge loads without interrupting comfort conditions.

Dunlop Winter Maxx

Perfect winter tires designed with SUV, passenger, minivans, and crossovers in mind. The treads are asymmetrical and contain several voids that enhance grip and provide sufficient contact edges while driving over snow.

The 3D tread blocks lock together to enhance the tire’s stiffness and use a special rubber compound that ensures the tires remain soft even under extremely cold weather.

Dunlop Mud Rover

An all-season, all-terrain tire product that offers an ultimate off-road driving experience. These tires are usually self-cleaning with superb grip, enabling you to drive on virtually any surface. They are highly responsive to steering controls and possess exceptional braking capabilities. The casing is constructed using 6 layers of resilient plies that provide resistance to puncturing and raise the tire’s strength. Suitable for light trucks and SUVs.

Dunlop Tires Warranty Conditions

Dunlop Tires offers has a superb warranty program that covers repairs and replacements due to defective manufacturing materials for up to 5 years from the date of purchase. The company offers a limited treadwear warranty for a maximum of 80,000 miles.

Our Opinion

Dunlop Tires have managed to combine comfort, durability, and safety in the manufacture of their tires. They enjoy a strong industry rating and compete favorably against other manufacturers in the market. They are available globally, producing and marketing a wide range of products that are fit for several car brands.

To further understand Dunlop tires, it is vital that insights from consumers are captured. Broadly, customers are satisfied with the durability, comfort, and ease of handling when driving around with Dunlop Tires.

Few customers have complained about the poor performance of some all-weather brands during the winter conditions. The customers are particularly concerned about reduced traction, poor braking, and poor handling.

In general, Dunlop offers superb alternatives for consumers who are after durability and quality.

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