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Toyo Tires
Quality is always noticed and rewarded. As a company that entered the tire market a little late, Toyo Tires had to come up with creative, actionable, and appealing solutions for a chance to seize an opportunity within the competitive and seemingly crowded tire market.

In this review, we explain why the Toyo brand remains a desirable choice, detailing its gradual rise since inception. We also collect views from customers to help you make well-informed choices before buying tires for your car.


  • Competitively priced as compared to other brands
  • Above-average industry rating
  • Focus on safety and sustainable manufacturing materials


  • Strict warranty conditions

Toyo Tires Overview

Toyo Tires was founded in 1945 in Japan with an aim to develop and strengthen the tire market. The company opened its first automotive tire production facility in 1953. Their success in the local market prompted them to scale up their research facilities and opened up a state-of-the-art laboratory in Hyogo in 1961. As demand for its tire products increased, the company decided to open an international subsidiary, setting up a sales office in the USA in 1966.

By 1971, the company was engaged in the production of assorted industrial rubber products and pollution control equipment. Their success was escalated following the acquisition of Vacalug in Australia in 1974 and subsequent expansion of their business in Austria the following year.

In the years that followed, the company continued to acquire stocks and expanded its business to include sales of automotive spare parts. Their expansion has seen them establish technical centers and manufacturing facilities in China, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, and Germany. Their business is research-intensive, evidenced by the several laboratories they’ve managed to establish across the world.

The company is actively engaged in the manufacture of automotive tires, anti-vibration rubber products, polyurethane products, synthetic resins and industrial rubber products. It produces OEM and replacement parts for Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Mazda, Porsche, Mitsubishi among other notable brands.

Toyo Popular Tire Brands

Toyo Extensa A/S

These are all-season tires designed and manufactured for durability and comfort. They are available in diverse sizes, making them a perfect fit for minivans, sedans, and select SUVs. Their designed speed ratings are S, T, and H, providing you with a favorable range to satisfy your performance needs.

The tires have a symmetric, non-directional tread pattern, a feature that makes them a suitable option for rotation in a bid to reduce uneven and irregular wear. Its central block has been optimized for stability and maximum contact surface area with additional noise cancellation and vibration absorption capabilities.

The tire features four wide and deeply curved circumferential grooves that boost traction over wet roads and enhance water dispersal rates to provide maximum protection against hydroplaning.

Its tread blocks have been developed in a manner to enhance stability, increase response to steering controls and raise the comfort levels when cruising on different roads.

Toyo Open Country A/T III

Everyone deserves easy handling when navigating off-road terrains. For drivers interested in exploring the rugged terrains, this is a perfect budgetary tire choice for you. It has excellent handling characteristics and assures you of perfect traction, irrespective of where you’re sojourning through.

The tire is fabricated using a special tread compounding material that improves its performance over wet roads, raises its durability and enhances tread wear resistance. You can rely on these tires which are available in LT and P ratings for your ultimate comfort requirements.

Toyo Celsius CUV

An all-weather tire whose design has been centered on safety. The tire is manufactured using resilient rubber products that offer superb performance across wet and dry conditions. To tackle the slippery winter conditions, the tires contain a heavily siped inner section. The outer section has sparsely distributed sipes that enhance handling during the dry season.

Sipes have been distributed over the tread blocks in a pattern that assures tire rigidity and are flexible enough to retain passenger comfort while cornering, braking, or cruising at high speed.

The tires come equipped with alignment indicators, a technology that allows the drivers to monitor uneven wear and address issues that may negatively impact the service life of the tire.

Toyo Proxes R1R

Racing-inspired tires that have been manufactured for ultra-high-speed performance. The tires are rated W and are widely used with sports cars and luxury vehicles.

The rubber compound used in its manufacture contains a high percentage of silica, a product that increases its wear resistance and enhances grip.
The tire’s defense against hydroplaning is a function of tapered blocks and a series of EVAC channels that disperse water without affecting cornering traction.

Toyo Warranty Conditions

Toyo offers a 500-mile free trial period for a set of 4 tires, with a cash back guarantee. Tires with defects from manufacturing processes are eligible for replacement within the first five years from the date of purchase. The limited treadwear warranty for most Toyo tire products is 60,000 miles.

Our Opinion

Toyo tires have braved the stiff competition within the tire market since its inception, over 7 decades ago. Their resilience and unwavering push for innovative, sustainable, and high-quality products have enabled them to gain the trust of several drivers.

As a global brand, they have entered into contracts with reputable car manufactures in a deliberate move that has promoted the expansion of their product catalogs. In terms of tire industry ratings, most Toyo tires have received good scores.

Based on customer reviews, Toyo tires come as highly recommended. Customers are particularly attracted to the affordable prices attached to them, availability in several sizes and ratings as well as excellent handling characteristics. The customers have also lauded the company for fine-tuning their products to offer optimum performance even in extreme weather conditions.

Other customers have differed with the popular opinion. Based on their reviews, some of Toyo tire products performed dismally in wet and snowy conditions. A customer complained of extreme spinning and an increased risk of hydroplaning.

There are concerns that the tires are noisier as compared to other brands, a factor that has affected driving comfort among some drivers.
Toyo Tires are competitively priced alternatives. There are few quality issues but they make a great replacement choice.

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