Goodyear Tires – Reviews and Ratings

GoodYear Tires
Goodyear tires is a global brand that has reliably served the car market, producing remarkable tire models to fit different driving conditions.

This article provides a detailed review of Goodyear Tires, exploring the prodigious manufacturing standards, tire performance capabilities, consumer insights, and notable shortcomings that affect the brand’s industry rating.


  • High resistance to wear that improves durability
  • Easy handling
  • Low noise levels
  • Excellent road traction


  • Relatively expensive when compared to other brands
  • All-season tires have reduced braking capabilities on wet roads

Goodyear Tires Overview

Goodyear tire company is among the world’s leading tire manufacturers that have established a strong global presence since its inception in Akron, Ohio in 1898. The company started off by producing bicycle and carriage tires before venturing into the production of automobile tires.

It later expanded the production lines to manufacture pneumatic tires for aircraft.

Goodyear is considered the leading tire brand in the US, controlling about 11% of the passenger tire market by 2019.

Goodyear tires was the first company that developed tubeless tires in 1903 and continued spearheading innovations in the tire sector. By 2020, the company unveiled a conceptual tire model that will self regenerate, varying tread sizes based on weather and road conditions. These conceptual tires will leverage artificial intelligence.

The company specializes in the production of automotive tires (passenger tires), commercial tires, aviation tires, and non-tire industrial products such as air springs, rubber tracks, and industrial hoses. The expansion of Goodyear tires has seen it acquire subsidiaries such as Dunlop, Fulda, and Sava tire companies.

With good tire ratings, Goodyear tires remain the preferable original equipment manufacturer for several car brands including:

  • Acura
  • Audi
  • Chevrolet
  • Isuzu
  • Jeep
  • Tesla
  • Landrover
  • Toyota
  • GMC
  • Ram
  • Mazda among other notable brands.

Goodyear’s Popular Tire Models Review

The Goodyear Tire brand features several tire models and sizes, designed for different uses and driving conditions. The tires have varying industry ratings depending on the NHTSA evaluation criteria. Here are some of the most popular Goodyear tire models.

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred All Season

They are all-season tires that are used on passenger cars and selected minivans. Designed with asymmetrical treads, these tires provide excellent traction on wet and dry road surfaces and provide adequate defense against hydroplaning.

These tires which are available in T, H, and V ratings have stiff sidewalls that are designed to offer maximum comfort and noise cancellation while cornering.
Comforted tires come with an 80,000-mile warranty.

Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season

This is a range of high-performance tires with rim sizes ranging between 15 and 20 inches. Eagle tires have special tread compounds that improve car handling on wet and dry surfaces. Eagle tires have deeper sipes that increase surface traction on wet or lightly icy roads.

Treads for this tire model are asymmetrical with deep circumferential grooves that limit the risk of hydroplaning.

The tires have inbuilt protectors that shield the tire from sidewall bubbles. Eagle sport all-season tires have a limited 50,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuelmax All Season

Worried about the fuel efficiency of your SUV or Light trucks? Well, CS Fuelmax tires allow you to explore the roads under all weather conditions with considerable fuel savings. CS Fuelmax tire treads use compounds that reduce rolling resistance.

CS Fuelmax tires possess reinforced blocks that improve cornering, increase traction, sustain heavier loads and absorb surface stresses.

Goodyear Wrangler with Kevlar

These are specially manufactured tires suitable for off-road driving. The tire’s case is reinforced using Kevlar, significantly improving its surface strength and increasing resistance to puncturing.

These tires have excellent traction making them favorable for off-road driving adventure, featuring treads on all surfaces, including on the sidewalls.
The tires have asymmetric tread patterns. A blend of silica is added to the manufacturing compounds to increase the durability of the tires.

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A

These are tires that provide adequate highway comfort and can be occasionally used for off-road driving. The tires are common with crossovers, light trucks, or SUVs.

The tires are designed to offer maximum driving comfort, with large tread blocks that reduce road noises and absorb surface shocks.

Deep circumferential grooves splash away as much water as possible when driving on wet roads. Wrangler SR-A tires have extended durability with excellent treadwear ratings.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tires

These are tires designed to offer safety and reasonable car performance over the winter season. The tires feature directional tread patterns with deep grooves to maintain traction over snowy or wet roads.

The tires are designed with deep sipes and by extension improve steering and handling on wet roads. Ultra Grip winter tires are durable and offer better fuel efficiency.

The tire model is available in diverse sizes and is included in Goodyear’s warranty program.

Goodyear Warranty Conditions

Goodyear Tires provide a limited treadwear warranty for up to 6 years or 80,000 miles for new tires. Goodyear Tires have 30-day cash back guarantee period provided an original sales receipt is produced.

A free limited service of up to 2 years or 24,000 miles is provided for defective repairs.

Our Opinion

Goodyear Tires produces high-quality tires that meet different functionality requirements. As a popular brand, most of their models have better durability evidenced by their excellent treadwear ratings, temperature resistance, traction, and robust warranty program.

Goodyear Tires are appointed original equipment manufacturers for popular car brands, stocking diverse tire sizes. Most consumers who have purchased Goodyear products have given positive reviews and ratings for Goodyear tires. Customers cite improved handling, longevity, and low noise levels.

Goodyear tires have a global presence, making it easier for consumers to source their products. Through the product development team, Goodyear continues to produce high-quality tire products including puncture-resistant and self-healing tires which improve driving safety.

Goodyear tire products are competitively priced and have a higher market value as compared to competing brands. There are few negative reviews left behind by consumers lamenting unhonoured rebates, discounts, and warranty issues.

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