Best Grand Touring All-Season Tires

Do you envy those drivers who speed past you on the highways, yet you drive the same cars? How do they manage the high speeds even when there are traces of snow on the road? The answer lies in the choice of tires.

It might be hard to find a set of tires that satisfies your driving fantasies. With advances in technology, manufacturers are focusing on the production of affordable, all-season tires. The popularity of grand touring all-season tires is on the rise due to their robust capabilities. 

Not all tires can provide impressive performances in summer and winter. The weather conditions present a myriad of challenges owing to their extremities. It is either too hot or too cold. No matter the season, drivers need assurances that the tires have sufficient traction with the road. The best grand touring summer tires offer optimum traction for every season. 

If you are struggling with the selection of grand touring all-season tires, then you are at the right place. We provide objective buying guides. We compile the relevant pieces of information and explain the suitability of these tires so that you have a seamless shopping experience. You need to harness the horsepower of your vehicle any time of the year without fear. 

Tire nameCompetitors BeatenOverall RatingWet performanceHydroplaning resistanceWet tractionDry performanceCornering stabilityDry tractionSteering responseWinter/snow performanceComfort performanceRide qualityNoise scoreTreadwear performance
Michelin CrossClimate2100%
Michelin CrossClimate+98%
Vredestein Quatrac Pro97%
Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack97%
Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II96%
Michelin Primacy Tour A/S96%
Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady96%
Firestone WeatherGrip95%
Vredestein Quatrac 594%
Continental PureContact LS94%

Technical specifications of grand touring all-season tires

Fact. A regular driver spends the most time on the highway or city streets. That means a bulk of the driving time is on the tarmac. It also implies moderate to high-speed driving. For drivers to enjoy driving on the tarmac or otherwise, they expect predictability in matters of handling. Comfort comes a distant second. On slippery or snowy roads, drivers come face to face with some of the horrific situations. What appears to be a slight swerve can lead to irreversible damages or accidents. 

Remarkable wet, dry and snow traction

 Plying wet, dry and snowy tarmac requires specialized tread patterns. The best all-season grand touring tires have optimized tread patterns that facilitate balanced traction across seasons. The tread patterns create wide center ribs that maintain contact with the roads. Sufficient grip enables the drivers to control acceleration and cornering. 

Snow or ice on the road is a nightmare for most drivers. Tires become unresponsive as the snow or ice deepens. Some of the best grand touring all-season tires are suitable for extreme snow service. While most have the M+S symbol on the sidewalls, few feature the 3-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. 

The excellent wet traction is possible through the optimization of the grooves. The tires have adequate water expulsion facilities to protect the vehicle from hydroplaning. Drivers can enjoy safe rides even when driving under heavy downpours. 

Low noise levels

If you are traveling long distances, the last thing you need is disturbance from road noises. Even for short-haul driving, the ride needs to be as silent and comfortable as possible. The best grand touring all-season tires provide more than just quiet rides throughout the year.

The treads feature computerized patterns that cancel out surface noises. While driving on the highway at high speed, drivers experience faint noises. The tread patterns redirect considerable noises away from the cabin. 

Another design feature that plays a role in improving driving comfort is the use of shock-absorbing plies in the internal construction of the tires. Manufacturers use polyester or nylon plies (cords) to absorb shocks generated when the vehicle hits bumps or rubbles on the road. 

Durable tread material

It doesn’t make sense for drivers to change tires after a few miles of service. Drivers will often choose a tire with a higher tread life warranty. To balance winter and summer performances, manufacturers blend materials for manufacturing both summer and winter tires. The tires need to resist the rapid wear due to rising summer temperatures and remain flexible when harsh winter conditions hit. 

The grand touring all-season tires have traces of silica which enhance their wear and tear resistance. 

Low rolling resistance

 The capabilities of grand touring all-season tires are limitless. From superior traction in all seasons, drivers prefer tires that give them better fuel economy. When the tires have high resistance to rolling, the vehicle tends to consume more fuel. In that regard, manufacturers utilize rubber with low rolling resistance. 

  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Outstanding winter traction
  • Impressive ride comfort and quality across seasons
  • Extended tread life
  • Slightly expensive than ordinary tire categories

Comparing grand touring all-season tires with other categories

Grand touring all-season tires provide top-quality performances in summer and winter. They balance tread life, ride comfort and traction in a single package. Winter traction levels are comparable to those of performance winter tires. The tires are generally responsive to steering controls and are feel comfortable to handle. 

Grand touring all-season tires have resilient tread compounds. Their tread life is better than that of most summer tires. They provide dependable summer traction giving drivers the confidence to cruise at high speeds. 

The best grand touring all-season tires may not have aggressive tread patterns like off-road tires. However, they provide impressive performances on hard-packed dirt roads, sandy roads and shallow mud. Drivers still enjoy predictable driving on these roads without losing comfort or traction. For intensive off-road driving, it is preferable to use specialized off-road or rock crawling tires.


Grand touring all-season tires are suitable for drivers looking for premium all-season performance. The tires have the capabilities of performance winter and summer tires. The best tires in the category can provide dependable performance for harsh winter driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grand touring all-season tires good?

These tires offer notable performances. Drivers not only get to enjoy all-season traction but also receive comfortable rides with reliable handling on dry and wet roads. On top of that, they can drive at high speeds and expect dependable responsiveness.

Are standard touring and grand touring all-season tires different?

Both categories of tires are suitable for year-round driving. They have similar characteristics. The only difference is in the superior performance of the latter. While standard touring all-season tires perform poorly on some roads, grand touring will perform better.
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