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General Grabber A/TX

9Expert Score

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

On/Off-Road performance
Wet Performance
Dry performance
Comfort performance
Treadwear performance
General Grabber A/TX
General Grabber A/TX
Strong sides
  • Offer exceptional ride comfort
  • Extended tread life and assured durability
  • Affordable brand in comparison with competing brands
  • Remarkable off-road performance
Not so good
  • Limited on-road capabilities

Finding a tire that blends durability, comfort, and excellent traction offer drivers comfort on the highway and the confidence to conquer rugged off-roads. Grabber A/TX is one of the all-terrain tires designed for minivans, SUVs, and light trucks. The tires are available in different sizes, ranging from 14 to 20-inch wheel diameters.

It is General Tire’s product targeting off-road enthusiasts while guaranteeing excellent results for street or highway driving. This review dissects the technical capabilities of the Grabber A/TX tires, how they perform against other all-terrain brands and their operating characteristics under different driving conditions. 

General Grabber A/TX outperforms 100% of tires in the On-/Off-Road All-Terrain category.

What are the features of the Grabber A/TX?

Grabber A/TX utilizes Comfort Balance Technology which is essential for limiting noises on the road, keeping the ride comfortable. The technology incorporates absorbent layers under the treads of the tires. The acoustic absorption layer is complemented by an optimized tread pattern for even distribution of road surface noises.

The tread pattern plays a crucial role in extending the tread life. It provides a stiffened footprint which enhances the distribution of forces and external pressure acting on the treads. To enhance the self-cleaning characteristics of the tires, General Tires manufactures the Grabber A/TX with several debris ejectors located on alternating tread blocks. These ejectors expel chips and dirt, which exacerbates the risk of deflation. 

General Grabber A/TX tread pattern
General Grabber A/TX tread pattern

The sidewalls are equipped with Protection Lugs to minimize the abrasive impact of dirt. Traction is enhanced through the inclusion of deep treads, angular tread blocks, and evenly distributed sipes. There are provisions for fitting metallic studs to improve ice traction.

Grabber A/TX uses DuraGen Technology in the manufacturing process. Steel belts, polyester casings, and polyamide plies are used to strengthen the tire, extend the durability, and increase the load-bearing capacities of the tire. The polyester casings form part of comfort enhancement techniques.

Durability is at the center of Grabber A/TX’s design. General Tires use the StabiliTread Technology to strike a balance between highway performance and uniform off-road treadwear. 

How long does the Grabber A/TX tire last?

General Tires offer an attractive warranty package. It has a limited treadwear warranty of 6 years or 60,000 miles (metric sizes), 50,000 miles (LT sizes). Buyers have 45 days to return new purchases. General Tires covers the repair and replacement costs for all defective Grabber A/TX tires for a maximum of 6 years or up to 60,000 miles. It also covers poor workmanship.

Grabber A/TX tires do not have a treadwear indicator. Drivers have to rely on individual observations to estimate the quality of treads. It is difficult to evaluate the uniformity of tread wear.

Off-road performance

9.1Expert Score


Grabber A/TX is the go-to tire when it comes to off-roading. They perform well in multiple terrains, thanks to their aggressive, well-engineered tread pattern. It provides excellent traction and grips firmly on loose surfaces.

When driving on sandy roads or muddy surfaces, Grabber A/TX retains an impressive level of responsiveness to steering, remains stable, and has sufficient traction. The external construction of the tires permits timely expulsion of debris and dirt to retain an optimal contact patch at all times.

As a tire specialized for off-roading, Grabber A/TX’s external construction comes with sufficient protection against abrasive chips and rocks. The sidewalls and the treads are reinforced using polyester casings which increase its resistance to puncture. Surprisingly, the tires have low noise levels even when cruising on the rugged off-road. They rank among the best off-road tires.

Wet performance

9Expert Score

Hydroplaning resistance
Wet traction

The Grabber A/TX tire boasts of a decent performance on wet roads. It has a superb grip on the road, providing modest traction and safety when driving in the rain. The tread patterns, deep grooves, and sipes offer sufficient means for evacuating surface run-offs and protect the vehicle against hydroplaning. They have decent braking distances on slippery surfaces.

Although the tires assure driving safety, their overall performance lags compared to all-terrain brands tailored for highway driving. When driving over muddy roads, the tires provide decent traction and reasonable handling.

Dry performance

9.2Expert Score

Cornering stability
Dry traction
Steering response

Grabber A/TX is a monster when it comes to off-road driving. With that said, it remains a dependable partner when cruising on the highways. The tires offer reliable grip when cruising on the highway. The tread pattern maximizes the contact surface area and enhances traction. This is desirable as it makes cornering safer and handling easier.

At high speeds, the driver enjoys remarkable stability with outstanding braking characteristics. They respond promptly to steering controls. Although the tires are well suited for highway driving, their performance ranks lower when compared to those purposely manufactured for highway driving.

Comfort performance

8.6Expert Score

Ride quality
Noise score

General Tires have done a great job when it comes to noise control. Their Comfort Balance Technology helps the tires to achieve unmatched quietness. They are among the most comfortable all-terrain tires to drive on. The tread pattern cancels a reasonable amount of noise that is generated when driving. 

The ride quality is impressive. Plies used in the internal construction of the tires absorb most of the road shocks to keep the ride comfortable. Irregularities such as small bumps, road irregularities should not be a cause of concern. Surprisingly, the noise levels are low even when cruising at high speed on the highway. It beats most of the all-terrain competitors.

Winter&snow performance

7.7Expert Score

Light Snow Traction
Deep Snow Traction
Ice Traction

These are not winter tires. Their performance is poor when used under harsh winter conditions. However, from experimental driving, they exhibit good performance on light snow. They also post good results when driven over deep snow. The aggressive tread patterns provide sufficient cutting edges to maintain wet traction.  

Are Grabber A/TX tires good?

An excellent tread life, optimized tread patterns, noise control mechanisms, durability-centered design, and excellent off-roading capabilities make Grabber A/TX a perfect choice for off-road enthusiasts. Their availability in multiple standard sizes and affordability makes them an attractive choice. They are highly recommended.

Grabber A/TX sizes & specifications

Tire sizeLoad index/ Speed ratingUTQGMax loadMax InflationTread DepthTire WeightWheel DiameterRim Width RangeMeasured Rim WidthSection WidthTread WidthOverall DiameterRevs Per MileCountry
27X8.5R14LT95Q C50 psi16/32″29 lbs146-7.5″7″8.6″26.9″772US
205/75R1597T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″28 lbs155-7″5.5″8″6.6″27.1″766MX
215/75R15100T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″30 lbs155.5-7″6″8.5″7″27.7″750MX
225/70R15100T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″31 lbs156-7.5″6.5″9″7.3″27.4″758MX
LT235/75R15104/101S C50 psi16/32″37 lbs156-7″6.5″9.3″7.3″28.9″719MX
255/70R15108T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″37 lbs156.5-8.5″7.5″10.2″8.5″29.1″715MX
265/70R15112T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″37 lbs157-9″8″10.7″7.4″29.6″702US
30X9.5R15LT104S C50 psi16/32″37 lbs156.5-8.5″7.5″9.4″7.7″30″692MX
30X9.5R15LT104S C50 psi16/32″37 lbs156.5-8.5″7.5″9.4″7.7″30″692MX
31X10.5R15LT109S C50 psi16/32″45 lbs157-9″8.5″10.6″8.3″31″671MX
33X12.5R15LT108R C35 psi16/32″58 lbs158.5-11″10″12.5″10″33″630US
35X12.5R15LT113Q C35 psi16/32″63 lbs158.5-11″10″12.5″10″35″594US
215/65R1698T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″31 lbs166-7.5″6.5″8.7″7.2″27″769EC
215/70R16100T SLpsi/32″31 lbs160-0″EC
225/75R16108T XL640 A B51 psi14/32″35 lbs166-7.5″6″8.8″7.1″29.3″709US
235/70R16106T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″36 lbs166-8″7″9.4″7.7″29″718US
LT235/85R16120/116S E80 psi16/32″50 lbs166-7.5″6.5″9.3″7.4″31.7″655US
LT245/75R16120/116R E80 psi16/32″48 lbs166.5-8″7″9.8″7.7″30.5″682MX
LT265/75R16123/120R E80 psi16/32″53 lbs167-8″7.5″10.5″8.2″31.6″656US
LT285/75R16126/123R E80 psi16/32″60 lbs167.5-9″8″11.3″9″32.8″633US
LT305/70R16124/121R E65 psi16/32″62 lbs168-9.5″9″12.2″9.6″32.8″633US
LT315/75R16127/124R E65 psi16/32″66 lbs168-11″8.5″12.3″9.9″34.6″600US
LT235/80R17120/117R E80 psi16/32″47 lbs176-7.5″6.5″9.3″7.3″31.8″653MX
245/70R17110T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″40 lbs176.5-8″7″9.8″7.8″30.5″681US
LT245/70R17119/116S E80 psi16/32″48 lbs176.5-8″7″9.8″7.8″30.5″681MX
LT245/75R17121/118R E80 psi16/32″49 lbs176.5-7.5″7″9.8″7.7″31.5″660MX
LT245/75R17121/118S E80 psi16/32″51 lbs176.5-7.5″7″9.8″7.7″31.5″660US
255/70R17112T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″42 lbs176.5-8.5″7.5″10.2″8.2″31.1″669US
LT265/70R17112/109T C50 psi16/32″46 lbs177-8.5″8″10.7″8.4″31.6″657US
265/70R17115T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″44 lbs177-9″8″10.7″7.2″31.6″657US
LT265/70R17121/118S E80 psi16/32″55 lbs177-8.5″8″10.7″8.3″31.6″657US
LT275/70R17121/118R E80 psi16/32″59 lbs177-8.5″8″11″8.7″32.2″646US
LT285/70R17121/118S E80 psi16/32″59 lbs177.5-9″8.5″11.5″9″32.7″635US
LT315/70R17121/118S E65 psi16/32″68 lbs178-11″9.5″12.7″10.1″34.4″605US
35X12.5R17LT121R E65 psi16/32″65 lbs178.5-11″10″12.5″10″35″594US
37X12.5R17LT124R D50 psi16/32″73 lbs178.5-11″10″12.5″9.9″37″561US
37X12.5R17LT124R D50 psi16/32″72 lbs178.5-11″10″12.5″9.9″37″561US
LT265/70R18124/121S E80 psi16/32″57 lbs187-9″8″10.7″8.4″32.6″637US
275/65R18116T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″45 lbs187.5-9.5″8″11″9″32.1″648US
LT275/65R18123/120R E80 psi16/32″60 lbs187.5-9″8″11″8.8″32.1″648US
LT275/70R18125/122R E80 psi16/32″61 lbs187-8.5″8″11″8.6″33.2″627US
LT285/60R18122/119S E80 psi16/32″57 lbs188-10″8.5″11.5″9.7″31.5″660US
LT285/65R18125/122S E80 psi16/32″59 lbs188-10″8.5″11.5″9.2″32.6″637US
35X12.5R18LT123R E65 psi16/32″65 lbs188.5-11″10″12.5″9.9″33″630US
LT265/60R20121/118S E80 psi16/32″61 lbs207.5-9.5″8″10.7″8.9″32.5″639US
LT275/55R20115/112T D65 psi15/32″57 lbs207.5-9.5″8.5″11.2″9.5″31.9″651US
275/55R20113T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″46 lbs207.5-9.5″8.5″11.2″9.7″31.9″651US
LT275/60R20119/116S D65 psi16/32″58 lbs207.5-9.5″8″11″9.2″33″630US
LT275/65R20126/123S E80 psi16/32″64 lbs207.5-9.5″8″11″8.9″34.1″610US
LT285/55R20117/114T D65 psi15/32″61 lbs208-10″9″11.7″10″32.3″642US
LT285/60R20125/122S E80 psi16/32″64 lbs208-10″8.5″11.5″9.7″33.5″621US
305/50R20120T XL640 A B51 psi14/32″50 lbs208.5-11″9.5″12.4″11″32″649US
LT305/55R20121/118S E65 psi16/32″65 lbs208.5-11″9.5″12.4″10.6″33.2″626US
LT325/60R20126S E65 psi16/32″74 lbs209-12″9.5″13″11″35.4″588US
33X12.5R20LT114S E65 psi16/32″66 lbs208.5-11″10″12.5″11.1″33″630US
35X12.5R20LT121R E65 psi16/32″70 lbs208.5-11″10″12.5″10.6″35″594US
37X13.5R20LT127R E65 psi16/32″82 lbs208.5-11″11″13.6″11″36.8″561US

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