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General Grabber AT 2

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On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Wet Performance
Dry performance
Comfort performance
Treadwear performance
Winter/snow performance
General Tire
General Tire

Off-road driving is like a test in which owners of pickup trucks and SUVs test the capabilities of their vehicles. The main components in this activity are passability, endurance, and reliability not only of the iron friend but also the tires on which it moves on the mud, sand, rocks, and dirt. The General Grabber AT 2 all-terrain tire is an excellent example of such a path.

The General Grabber AT2 fits perfectly for pickup trucks and SUVs drivers who want to feel confident in every situation.

Now let’s move on to the strong and weak sides of the General Grabber AT 2.

  • High off-road qualities
  • Reliable thread and strong tire frame
  • Good tire cut and puncture protection
  • Applicable on the pave
  • Affordable price
  • Dry traction is worse than in other all-terrain tires
  • Quite noisy on a dry surface
  • Handling while cornering
General Grabber AT 2 outperforms 93% of tires in the On-/Off-Road All-Terrain category.

What are the features of the General Grabber AT 2?

Thanks to an aggressive self-cleaning thread pattern which is accompanied by five rows of independent blocks one can be sure in traction whether it’s dry, dirt, wet or snowy surface depending the season!

The General AT2  has chip- and tear resistance which certainly adds durability during everyday exploitation.

For the wet or snowy weather conditions the AT2 tire is equipped with multiple traction edges and sipes providing decent grip, stability and predictability of the vehicle. 

General Grabber AT 2 Tread Pattern

On the highway the aggressive thread pattern remains relatively quiet thanks to computer optimization and twin steel belts allowing the tire to take over the noise.

The General Grabber AT 2 is equipped with Traction Ridges and Rim Protector Flange. 

Traction ridges at the base of each groove provide additional traction and prevent you from getting stuck.

The rim protection flange protects the rims from damage and dirt with a built-in protective cover.

The all-season tire General Grabber AT 2 was released in 2007, and it is still in demand among the owners of SUVs and pickup trucks. This is facilitated by the tire’s reliability, durability, and affordability.

How long does General Grabber At 2 tires last?

One of the most worrying and crucial aspects of every tire is its duration of use.

According to the manufacturer’s official website, a treadwear warranty is 60.000 miles or six years of exploitation. 

Usually, General Tire provides its tires with an easy RTM (Replacement Tire Monitor – these are the letters imprinted on the middle circumferential rib on the tire) and VAI (Visual Alignment Indicators) systems. However, the all-terrain tires AT 2 lack the mentioned tread wear indicators. 

Despite that fact, many drivers note the high wear resistance of the tread provided by the DuraGen Technology.

Wet performance

In rainy weather, every driver wants to be confident in the capabilities of the selected tires. Many all-terrain tires can have issues with traction on wet roads compared with specialized all-season touring tires.

The Grabber AT 2 tires’ hydroplaning resistance is on a decent level. The deep tread allows water to channel away from the wheel efficiently, so your traction will be excellent even in heavy rain. Stopping is quick, and you will rarely notice that you are driving on a wet road vs. a dry one. The Grabber AT 2 will give you driving confidence in rain conditions.

8.6Expert Score

Hydroplaning resistance
Wet traction

Dry performance

The tread of AT 2 is more aggressive than needed for everyday usage. However, it shows itself perfectly on dry roads by providing a safe driving experience. 

The General company has emphasized a reliable tire which you can use every day while commuting to work, meeting all your needs. The General Grabber AT 2 has shown good steering results, although the handling is not as precise as an all-season tire. The steering response of the AT 2 is predictable, but sometimes it lacks grip and precision while passing corners on a dry surface.

Nonetheless, as for off-road tires, this is a pretty good result.

8.5Expert Score

Cornering stability
Dry traction
Steering response

Comfort performance

When choosing vehicle tires, many owners pay attention to how they will affect the driving noise quality.

The General Grabber AT 2 is more intended for off-road use, although it is applicable on paved roads. The aggressive pattern of this tire makes you hear every howl when the speed is higher than 20 mph. The tire swallows all the bumps on the road without vibrations and makes additional noise which may influence drivers’ and passengers’ acoustic comfort.

If you are using AT 2 for long journeys, you can be sure that they provide you with reliability and a decent quality ride.

7.8Expert Score

Ride quality
Noise score

Winter&snow performance

The Grabber AT2 tire is suitable for snowy roads and ice. The 5-row tread pattern, combined with Duragen technology, provides high passability in the snowy terrain. 

The tread blocks feature multiple traction edges and sipes and are molded to accept optional metallic studs to increase wintry weather traction.

AT2 shows itself better in deep rather than dense snow. The clutch with a snow-covered surface is high, braking at a decent level, and cornering is precise and controlled.

It is worth mentioning that some General Grabber AT2 tires meet industry severe snow conditions and have a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. Some of them may not have this indicator, meaning they are not intended for “severe snow conditions.”

Off-road performance

The General Grabber AT 2 are all-terrain tires, so any off-road test for them is like a piece of cake. If you need to drive on rough terrain, you can be sure of the reliability and passability of the tire.

The high profile and aggressive pattern allow you to move confidently on sand, dirt, mud, and rocks without getting stuck and reducing tire pressure. In addition, the unique composition of the AT 2 rubber creates additional protection for the tire from unexpected punctures or cuts of the tire.

The AT 2 tire also performs well on steep slopes and hills. On the ascents and descents, the vehicle has controllability and predictability. Integrated nylon steel belts absorb shocks and vibration, creating additional protection for the tire against rapid wear. AT 2 is the perfect solution if you often have to move in harsh off-road conditions.

Are General Grabber AT 2 tires good?

General Grabber AT 2 tires is an excellent example of reliability at an affordable price. 

The thickness of the tread provides high passability in any area. The handling and traction on the snow are also impressive.

If you are looking for tires that will last a long time and won’t let you down at an unexpected moment, you should pay attention to General Grabber AT 2.

Tire sizes & specifications

Tire sizeLoad index/ Speed ratingUTQGMax loadMax InflationTread DepthTire WeightWheel DiameterRim Width RangeMeasured Rim WidthSection WidthTread WidthOverall DiameterRevs Per MileCountry
27X8.5R14LT95Q C50 psi16/32″30 lbs146-7.5″7″8.6″7″26.8″778MX
255/70R15108S SL640 A B44 psi16/32″39 lbs156-8.5″7.5″10.2″8.6″29.1″716CZ
30X9.5R15LT104S C50 psi16/32″38 lbs156.5-8.5″7.5″9.5″7.7″29.8″701MX
31X10.5R15LT109S C50 psi16/32″43 lbs157-9″8.5″10.5″8.6″30.8″678MX
33X12.5R15LT108Q C35 psi16/32″52 lbs158.5-11″10″12.5″10″32.8″636US
215/65R1698T SL640 A B44 psi14/32″29 lbs166-7.5″6.5″8.7″NA27″772CZ
225/75R16108S XL640 A B51 psi16/32″34 lbs166-7.5″6″8.8″7.5″29.3″712US
235/70R16106T SL640 A B44 psi13/32″33 lbs166.5-8″7″9.4″7.3″29.2″714US
255/70R16111S SL640 A B44 psi16/32″41 lbs166.5-8.5″7.5″10.2″NA30.1″693US
265/70R16112S SL640 A B44 psi16/32″44 lbs167-9″8″10.7″8.7″30.9″675US
LT295/75R16123/120Q D65 psi16/32″58 lbs167.5-9.5″8″11.6″9.6″33.4″621US
LT295/75R16123/120Q D65 psi16/32″58 lbs167.5-9.5″8″11.6″9.6″33.4″621US
LT235/80R17120/117Q E80 psi16/32″48 lbs176-7.5″6.5″9.3″NA31.8″656MX
LT245/75R17121/118R E80 psi16/32″50 lbs176-7″7″9.7″7.5″31.5″659US
LT245/75R17121/118R E80 psi16/32″50 lbs176-7″7″9.7″7.5″31.5″659US
265/65R17112S SL640 A B44 psi16/32″41 lbs177.5-9.5″8″10.7″NA30.6″693US
265/65R17112T SL640 A B44 psi16/32″42 lbs177.5-9.5″8″10.7″NA30.6″693CZ
LT285/70R17121/118R E80 psi16/32″59 lbs177.5-9″8.5″11.5″9″32.7″635US
265/70R18116S SL640 A B44 psi16/32″45 lbs187-9″8″10.7″8.5″32.6″637US
35X12.5R18LT118Q D50 psi16/32″67 lbs188.5-11″10″12.5″10.2″34.8″597US
305/50R20120T XL640 A B51 psi16/32″53 lbs208.5-11″9.5″12.4″10.9″32″652CZ
35X12.5R20LT121Q E65 psi16/32″69 lbs208.5-11″10″12.5″10.7″34.8″597US

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