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Firestone Destination A/T2 Tire Review

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On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Wet Performance
Dry performance
Comfort performance
Treadwear performance
Winter/snow performance
Firestone Destination A/T2

Firestone introduced Destination A/T2 all-terrain tires to offer drivers an opportunity to enjoy highway driving and explore the off-road. They are durable and have unique design features to facilitate winter usage.

They are available in multiple sizes, from 16 to 20-inch wheel diameters that fit light trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, and Jeeps. The all-terrain Destination A/T2 tires perform well irrespective of the prevailing weather. As tire manufacturers focus on improved performance, they also aim at improving fuel efficiency and keep the tires sustainable.

The Destination A/T 2 is an improvement to Destination A/T. This review highlights the design features, performance characteristics under different conditions, treadwear ratings, and other specs that set Destination A/T2 apart.

Firestone Destination A/T2 outperforms 100% of tires in the On-/Off-Road All-Terrain category.

What are the features of the Destination A/T2?

The Destination A/T2 tires use Firestone’s latest technology that improves durability, enhances performance, and guarantees the safety of the tires on different roads. The tread patterns are symmetrical and feature deep voids having a solid rib that maintains uniform contact with the road surface. The durability of treads is enhanced by using unique tread compounds.

Firestone Destination A/T2 tread pattern
Firestone Destination A/T2 tread pattern

The tires are protected against hydroplaning by using HydroGrip Technology. Combining this technology with the deep grooves improves water expulsion. It enhances resistance to hydroplaning and improves handling when driving on wet roads. The tires come with full-depth sipes that are meant to improve driving experiences over slippery or slushy roads.

Self-cleaning capabilities have been improved by using ejectors that are positioned between tread blocks. Traction relies on the sipes, a rigid center rib, and evenly distributed independent tread blocks. 

The internal construction of the Destination A/T2 tires uses polyester casings that improve the durability of the tires. The plies provide a cushion against road vibrations and surface irregularities to enhance driving comfort. Steel belts complement the plies, raising the load-bearing capabilities of the tires. 

Firestone uses a tread compound that reduces rolling resistance and keeps the heat build-up at manageable levels to prevent premature damage. The wide tread lugs enhance grip over loosely-packed roads. 

How long does the Firestone Destination A/T2 tire last? 

Firestone uses the Gold Pledge Limited Warranty program for all its products. In that regard, Destination A/T2 is eligible for a 90-day return policy. New purchases can be tested and returned to the official distributor or dealership should the performance be unsatisfactory. The buyer is protected against poor quality and material defects for a maximum of 3 years after purchase or four years from the date of tire manufacture.

Firestone offers an average limited treadwear warranty for Destination A/T2 is valid for the first 55,000 miles. Firestone offers a uniformity warranty for the first 2/32″ of the tread wear.

Off-road performance

9.6Expert Score
Off-road performance



Destination A/T 2 is a great on/off-road tire that utilizes an aggressive tread pattern to traverse rugged roads. The large tread lugs allow the tire to dig into dirt, loose surfaces and grip tightly on the road. It’s unlikely for the tires to begin spinning.

The firm shoulders and an optimized tread pattern with additional biting edges make driving on muddy roads simple. The tire retains a large footprint on the surface. Handling characteristics over shallow mud is modest.

On rocky roads, Destination A/T provides enough traction. Stone ejectors remove dirt from the grooves. The rigid tread material and a reinforced casing mean that drivers can explore some of the most challenging road terrains without fear of punctures from chip cuts.

Wet performance

8.7Expert Score

Hydroplaning resistance
Wet traction

Destination A/T2 tires incorporate several measures to achieve excellent performance on wet roads. The tires evacuate water by channeling it through the deep grooves existing between the large tread lugs. The tires have full-depth sipes, which complement the tire’s defense against hydroplaning. 

The aggressive treads, wide lugs, and sipes increase the gripping surfaces of the tires. This ensures that the tires retain sufficient contact with the wet roads. Firestone Destination A/T2 has excellent traction in wet weather that enhances braking characteristics. The constant center rib maintains the stability and steering response of the tires on wet roads.

Dry performance

9.3Expert Score

Cornering stability
Dry traction
Steering response

Firestone Destination A/T2 has excellent traction on dry highway roads. The solid center rib increases the responsiveness of the tires to steering controls. It also ensures that a constant contact patch is retained throughout the ride. Full-length sipes that run through the treads add on to the contact surface areas.

The reinforced rubber materials stiffen the sidewalls and improve cornering characteristics at high speed.

Comfort performance

9.2Expert Score

Ride quality
Noise score

The symmetrical tread patterns play a significant role in minimizing noises. The tire’s center rib maintains constant contact with the road surface, keeping the ride quality uniform. The reinforcement plies absorb shocks and vibrations generated by road irregularities and bumps to keep the ride comfortable. 

As you cruise at higher speeds on the highway, the noise levels rise. In extreme cases, the noises are felt within the vehicle. In few instances will the vibrations and road shocks affect the quality of the ride.

Winter&snow performance

7.7Expert Score

Light Snow Traction
Deep Snow Traction
Ice Traction

Firestone Destination A/T 2 are not any ordinary all-terrain tires. They can perform well on snowy roads. They have deep grooves and several full-depth sipes that are essential for increasing the biting edges on the tire. These features increase the snow-on-snow traction capabilities of the tire. Amateur drivers can easily handle the vehicle. The braking distance is shorter, making driving on light snow safe.

As the depth of snow increases, the capabilities of the tires drop. Steering becomes problematic, and the average braking distance increases. The three-peak mountain snow peak symbol on Destination A/T 2 tires is an indication that it can handle moderate winter conditions with ease. 

Are Firestone Destination A/T2 good?

Firestone Destination A/T2 is a good tire for a light truck or SUV driver interested in off-road driving. The tires which perform decently in winter conditions allow safe off-road exploration. The tires provide adequate off-road grip and impressive highway driving capabilities. Its performance is better than most all-terrain alternatives. 

Firestone Destination A/T2 tire sizes & specifications

Tire sizeLoad index/ Speed ratingUTQGMax loadMax InflationTread DepthTire WeightWheel DiameterRim Width RangeMeasured Rim WidthSection WidthTread WidthOverall DiameterRevs Per MileCountry
P235/75R15105S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″29 lbs156-8″6.5″9.3″6.3″28.9″CR
P225/75R16104S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″27 lbs166-7.5″6″8.8″5.4″29.3″CR
P235/70R16104S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″29 lbs166-8″7″9.5″7.7″29″CR
P235/75R16106S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″31 lbs166-8″6.5″9.3″6″29.8″CR
P245/70R16106S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″31 lbs166.5-8″7″9.8″7.9″29.5″CR
P245/75R16109S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″34 lbs166.5-8″7″9.8″7.1″30.5″CR
P255/70R16109S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″36 lbs166.5-8.5″7.5″10.2″7.8″30.1″CA
P265/70R16111T SL540 A A44 psi12/32″37 lbs167-9″8″10.7″8.2″30.6″US
P265/75R16114T SL540 A B44 psi12/32″37 lbs167-9″7.5″10.5″8″31.7″CR
P235/65R17103S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″28 lbs176.5-8.5″7″9.5″7.6″29.1″CR
P235/70R17108S XL540 A B50 psi12/32″32 lbs176-8″7″9.5″7.5″30″CR
P235/75R17108S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″32 lbs176-8″6.5″9.3″6.8″30.9″CR
P245/65R17105T SL540 A B44 psi12/32″33 lbs177-8.5″7″9.8″7.2″29.5″CR
P245/70R17108S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″35 lbs176.5-8″7″9.8″6.9″30.6″CR
P255/65R17108S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″35 lbs177-9″7.5″10.2″8.2″30.1″CA
P255/70R17110S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″36 lbs176.5-8.5″7.5″10.2″7.9″31.1″CR
P255/75R17113S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″37 lbs176.5-8.5″7″10″7.7″32.1″CR
P265/65R17110S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″36 lbs177.5-9.5″8″10.7″8.5″30.6″CR
P265/70R17113S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″38 lbs177-9″8″10.7″8.3″31.7″CR
P285/70R17117T SL540 A B44 psi12/32″41 lbs177.5-9.5″8.5″11.5″9.2″32.8″CR
P245/60R18104T SL540 A B44 psi12/32″31 lbs187-8.5″7″9.8″8.2″29.6″CA
P255/70R18112S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″39 lbs186.5-8.5″7.5″10.2″8.2″32.1″CA
P265/60R18109T SL540 A B44 psi12/32″38 lbs187-9.5″8″10.7″8.8″30.5″CA
P265/65R18112S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″39 lbs187.5-9.5″8″10.7″8.5″31.5″CA
P265/70R18114S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″40 lbs187-9″8″10.7″8.2″32.6″CA
P275/65R18114T SL540 A B44 psi12/32″42 lbs187.5-9.5″8″11″8.8″32.1″CA
P275/55R20111S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″40 lbs207.5-9.5″8.5″11.2″9.3″31.9″US
P275/60R20114S SL540 A B44 psi12/32″42 lbs207.5-9.5″8″11″8.8″33″US
285/45R22114H XL540 A B50 psi12/32″41 lbs229-10.5″9.5″11.2″10″32.1″MX

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