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Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Tire: Exceptional Dry & Wet Handling

69.3Expert Score

Ultra High Performance All-Season

Wet Performance
Dry performance
Comfort performance
Treadwear performance
Winter/snow performance
Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4
Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4
Michelin tires logo
Michelin tires logo

The Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is a great example of quality and maximum performance in any situation. The tire has excellent wet and dry, and good snow or ice traction. Pilot Sport provides a high level of comfort and ride quality whatever the surface is. The long life of the tread pattern of the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 guarantees a high level of grip and reliability after years.

  • Outstanding all-season traction
  • Exceptional dry and wet handling
  • Excellent tread life
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • Expensive
Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 outperforms 98% of tires in the Ultra High Performance All-Season category.

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Tread Pattern & Technical Specs

The Pilot Sport All Season 4 is Michelin’s Ultra High-Performance All-Season tire, designed for owners of high-end sports cars, sporty coupes, performance sedans, crossovers, and SUVs who want to push the envelope in all-season performance. The Pilot Sport All Season 4 is intended to handle the situation no matter the circumstance, even in light snow, by providing excellent levels of dry and wet traction together with confidence in rough weather.

The Full Ring Velour Premium Touch sidewall texture is offered on some sizes of the Pilot Sport All Season 4. Modern laser technology was used to generate the sidewall’s velvet-effect checkerboard pattern to enhance the vehicle’s visual presence. Both the “Specs” page and the search results list these sizes.

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Tread Pattern

The Pilot Sport All Season 4 has significantly strengthened outboard shoulder blocks that assist in lateral grip and an advanced tread compound molded into an inventive asymmetric pattern. By distributing the forces placed on the contact patch during hard turns, Dynamic Response Technology enhances both handling and tread wear.

Large rain grooves and wide circumferential channels work together to drain heavy water from the contact patch, which helps to boost hydroplaning resistance. Extreme Silica Compound, paired with dynamic biting edges from the recognizable 360 Degree Variable Sipes, further improves wet stability and grip.

These interlocking, full-depth sipes improve wintertime traction and work together with the biting edges molded into the circumferential grooves to improve snow performance.

A two-ply polyester casing is used inside the Pilot Sport All Season 4 to combine durability and performance handling qualities. A single nylon cap ply reinforces two high-strength steel belts, further enhancing comfort and high-speed stability.

Wet performance

The Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is a high-performance tire that offers excellent wet weather traction and resistance to hydroplaning. The tire shows great features whether it`s mild or heavy rain. Even in deep puddles Pilot Sport All Season 4 remains stable and controllable. Overall, the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is an excellent tire with both great wet traction and hydroplaning resistance.

9.1Expert Score

Hydroplaning resistance
Wet traction

Dry performance

The Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is a top-of-the-line all-season tire that offers excellent dry performance. With great handling and cornering, it provides an outstanding dry grip and excellent steering response. These tires are the perfect option for those who want superb all-around dry performance.

9.4Expert Score

Cornering stability
Dry traction
Steering response

Comfort performance

The Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is a great choice for those looking for a comfortable ride. With excellent grip and responsive handling, this tire is perfect for any road conditions. The road noise is minimal, ride quality is smooth and comfortable. Overall, the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is an excellent choice for drivers who value on-road comfort.

8.7Expert Score

Ride quality
Noise score

Winter & Snow performance

The Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is a good tire for those who live in areas with mixed conditions and light snow. The tire has both decent light and deep snow traction. The same goes for icy surfaces. Overall, the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is a nice choice for wintertime.

7.7Expert Score

Light Snow Traction
Deep Snow Traction
Ice Traction


The Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is a great all-around tire that offers excellent dry and wet performance. With great tread life and a comfortable ride, it is perfect for those who want superb all-season traction. Although it is expensive, the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is a great choice for drivers who want maximum performance in any situation.

Tire sizes & specifications

Tire sizeLoad index/ Speed ratingUTQGMax loadMax InflationTread DepthTire WeightWheel DiameterRim Width RangeMeasured Rim WidthSection WidthTread WidthOverall DiameterRevs Per MileCountry
205/55ZR1694Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″21 lbs165.5-7.5″6.5″8.3″7.2″25.1″830US
225/50ZR1696Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″22 lbs166-8″7″9″8″25″832US
205/40ZR1784Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″19 lbs177-8″7.5″8.4″7.7″23.5″887US
205/45ZR1788Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″21 lbs176.5-7.5″7″8.1″7″24.3″858MX
205/50ZR1793Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″23 lbs175.5-7.5″6.5″8.4″6.9″25.1″828US
215/50ZR1795Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″24 lbs176-7.5″7″8.9″7.2″25.5″815US
215/55ZR1798Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″25 lbs176-7.5″7″8.9″7.3″26.3″791US
225/45ZR1794Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″23 lbs177-8.5″7.5″8.9″7.4″25″833US
225/50ZR1798Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″25 lbs176-8″7″9″7.3″26.3″791US
235/45ZR1797Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″25 lbs177.5-9″8″9.3″7.8″25.5″817US
235/50ZR17100Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs176.5-8.5″7.5″9.8″8.1″26.6″782MX
245/40ZR1795Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″25 lbs178-9.5″8.5″9.9″8.4″25.1″830US
245/50ZR17103Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs177-8.5″7.5″9.8″8.1″26.6″782MX
255/40ZR1798Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″25 lbs178.5-10″9″10.2″8.4″25″831US
275/40ZR1798Y SL540 AA A51 psi10/32″26 lbs179-11″9.5″11″9.7″25.7″810US
215/40ZR1889Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″21 lbs187-8.5″7.5″8.7″7.8″25″832US
215/45ZR1893Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″21 lbs187-8″7″8.4″7.3″25.7″810US
225/40ZR1892Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″24 lbs187.5-9″8″9.1″7.7″25.2″825US
225/45ZR1895Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″24 lbs187-8.5″7.5″8.8″7.2″26″800MX
235/40ZR1895Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″24 lbs188-9.5″8.5″9.8″8.3″25.5″815MX
235/45ZR1898Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″26 lbs187.5-9″8″9.4″7.8″26.7″780US
235/50ZR18101Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs186.5-8.5″7.5″9.5″7.9″27.4″758US
245/35ZR1892Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″25 lbs188-9.5″8.5″9.9″8.7″25″832MX
245/40ZR1897Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″26 lbs188-9.5″8.5″9.8″8.5″25.9″804US
245/45ZR18100Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″26 lbs187.5-9″8″9.4″7.8″26.7″780US
255/35ZR1894Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″25 lbs188.5-10″9″10.2″8.8″25.1″830MX
255/40ZR1899Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″26 lbs188.5-10″9″10.4″8.9″26.1″798MX
255/45ZR18103Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″28 lbs188-9.5″8.5″10.1″8.4″27.4″760MX
265/35ZR1897Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs189-10.5″9.5″10.9″9.6″25.5″816MX
265/40ZR18101Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs189-10.5″9.5″10.7″9.6″26.3″790US
265/45ZR18104Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″28 lbs188.5-10″9″10.4″8.5″27.4″760MX
275/35ZR1899Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs189-11″9.5″10.9″9.6″25.5″816MX
275/40ZR18103Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs189-11″9.5″10.9″9.7″26.7″780US
285/35ZR18101Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs189.5-11″10″11.3″10″26″801US
225/35ZR1988Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″22 lbs197.5-9″8″9.3″8.5″25.5″817US
235/35ZR1991Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″22 lbs198-9.5″8.5″9.6″8.5″25.5″817US
245/45ZR19102Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″28 lbs197.5-9″8″9.5″8″28″743MX
245/50ZR19105Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs197-8.5″7.5″10″8.6″28.7″725US
255/35ZR1996Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″26 lbs198.5-10″9″10.2″8.6″26″799MX
255/45ZR19104Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″27 lbs198-9.5″8.5″9.8″7.9″28″742MX
285/40ZR19107Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″30 lbs199.5-11″10″11.4″10.2″28.2″738US
255/55ZR20110Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″31 lbs207-9″8″10.4″8.8″31″671US
265/40ZR20104Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″29 lbs209-10.9″9.5″10.7″9.8″28.5″730US
275/40ZR20106Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″29 lbs209-11″9.5″10.8″9.6″28.7″726US
285/30ZR2099Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″28 lbs209.5-10.5″10″11.4″10.8″26.8″777US
285/45ZR20112Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″32 lbs209-10.5″9.5″11.2″9.7″30.1″691US
295/30ZR20101Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″28 lbs2010-11″10.5″11.9″10.8″27″770US
295/35ZR20105Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″31 lbs2010-11.5″10.5″11.9″10.8″28.1″740US
305/35ZR20107Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″33 lbs2010-12″11″12.3″11.3″28.4″732US
315/35ZR20110Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″33 lbs2010.5-12.5″11″12.4″11.3″28.7″726US
245/35ZR2196Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″26 lbs218-9.5″8.5″9.8″8.9″27.8″749US
255/40ZR21102Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″28 lbs218.5-10″9″10.2″9.2″29″717US
265/35ZR21101Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″28 lbs219-10.5″9.5″10.7″9.8″28.3″735US
265/40ZR21105Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″30 lbs219-10.5″9.5″10.7″9.6″29.3″709US
275/35ZR21103Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″29 lbs219-11″9.5″10.9″10.2″28.5″729US
275/45R21110Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″31 lbs218.5-10.5″9″10.6″9.4″30.9″673US
285/40ZR21109Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″32 lbs219.5-11″10″11.3″10.2″30.2″689US
265/35ZR22102Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″30 lbs229-10.5″9.5″10.7″9.9″29.3″709US
275/35ZR22104Y XL540 AA A50 psi10/32″30 lbs229-11″9.5″10.9″10″29.6″703US

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