Biggest Tire You Can Fit on a Stock Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan is a full-size pickup truck in line since 2003. Titan is famous thanks to its recognizable appearance, 2WD and 4WD transmissions,  Crew and King cab options, high towing capabilities, and spacious and cozy interior with technological and safety features.

Regarding Nissan Titan customization, most owners usually consider installing bigger tires on their stock pickups.

So what is the biggest tire you can fit on a stock Nissan Titan?

A 32-33 inch size is the biggest tire that can be mounted on a stock Titan according to the manufacturer.

2004-2008 Nissan Titan, which runs stock suspension, can accommodate 33×10.8 tires without any side modifications to the suspension or body.

Slightly bigger 33.2-inch tires fit 2009-2018 stock Nissan Titan. The tire causes no rubbing or scrubbing of the fenders or suspension components.

A bit larger tires which are 33.4 inches, work nicely on 2008-2011 stock custom-built Titan trucks.

After browsing many truck owners’ custom projects from many forums, our research team has compiled all possible tire and rim sizes. Additionally, our experts have created useful tables with the biggest tire sizes for every model year.

We only offer tire sizes that do not result in any rubbing and do not require any fender cutting or stock suspension modifications.

What size tire can I fit on a stock Nissan Titan?

2014 Nissan Titan. Wheel parameters: 33×10.8 tire on 20×9 rim.

Tire sizes that you can mount on a Nissan Titan with a stock suspension can be different due to your pickup truck’s particular year, model, and cabin trim.

However, according to the manufacturer, stock tire sizes for Nissan Titan usually range from 32 (265/70R18) to 33 (275/60R20) inches in diameter.

Speaking about custom tire sizes can vary from 33 to 35 inches. Let’s move on to custom project truck examples to find out these sizes and what wheels they fit.

Stock Nissan Titan produced in the 2004-2018 model year can accommodate a 33-inch tire size. Here are more detailed parameters: 33×10.8 tire on 20×9 or 20×10 rim. Such size causes no rubbing of the fenders and requires no body trimming or placing spacers.

Slightly bigger 33.2-inch tires can be installed on the 2009-2018 stock Nissan Titan. The optimal 33.2-inch tire size config looks like a 33.2×10.8 tire on an 18×9 wheel. This size shows no scrubbing issues, so one won’t have to resort to leveling kit or body cutting.

You can also mount a 33.4-inch tire on your Nissan truck. It is worth mentioning that only models manufactured in 2008-2011 need no leveling or lift kits and additional trimming for proper tire fitment. Here are the 33.4 tire parameters for 2008-2011 Nissan trucks: a 33.4×12.8 tire mounted on an 18×9 wheel.

What size tires come on stock Nissan Titan  20–inch wheels?

2010 Nissan Titan. Wheel parameters: 33×10.8 tire on 20×9 rim.

Tire sizes on stock are Nissan Titan with 20-inch wheels, depending on the truck’s specific model, year, and package. However, several common tire sizes are applied to Titan’s 20-inch rims. Among them:

P275/60R20 (33-inch tire) – for 2004-2015 Titan with 20-inch rim;

LT265/60R20 (32.52-inch tire) – for 2016 and newer Nissan trucks with 20-inch wheels.

What are the biggest tires that can go on a stock Nissan Titan with 18-inch rims?

2008 Nissan Titan. Wheel parameters: 33.4×12.8 tire on 18×9 rim.

The largest tire size that can be installed on a stock Nissan Titan with an 18-inch rim and no side or aftermarket upgrades is around 33 inches. However, it is possible to fit a slightly bigger 33.4 tire size. However, now with no issues, it works only on the 2008 Titan truck.

The tallest tires you can put on stock Nissan Titan with 17-inch rims

2006 Nissan Titan. Wheel parameters: 33×12.5 tire on 17×8 wheel.

The tallest tire size you can mount on a stock Nissan Titan’s 17-inch rims reaches 33 inches. This tire size doesn’t require any additional modifications to the vehicle. Here is one 33-inch tire setup for a stock 2006 Titan truck: 33×12.5 inches tire size (or 318/64R17).

What Are the Biggest Tire Alternatives for My Nissan Titan?

2009 Nissan Titan. Wheel parameters: 33.2×10.8 tire on 18×9 wheel.

The table below displays the largest tire configurations that Nissan enthusiasts installed on their customized Titans for a range of rim diameters.

All tire and rim sizes in this table let you fit the largest tire while using the stock suspension, depending on the year the truck model was created.


What size tires are best for a stock Nissan Titan?

Larger than standard tires often require additional truck improvements, either to the suspension using leveling/lift kits or to the body with body trimming, to make new tires fit appropriately in wheel wells.

The Titan can still mount larger tires while maintaining its standard suspension.

Depending on the model level and year of the truck’s manufacturing, the sizes of the Nissan Titan tires can range from 265/70R17 to 275/60R20.

To help you pick the best tires for your vehicle, we’ve compiled data regarding each generation of stock Nissan Titan trucks and the tire sizes they allow.

To select the ideal tire size for your Titan truck, use the following table as a guide.

Model GenerationRim SizeRecommended Tire Size
First Generation
17 inch 265/70R17
First Generation
18 inch 265/70R18
First Generation
20 inch 275/60R20
Second Generation
17 inch 265/70R17
Second Generation
18 inch 265/70R18
Second Generation
20 inch 275/60R20
Third Generation
17 inch 265/70R17
Third Generation
18 inch 265/70R18
Third Generation

20 inch 275/60R20

Can you fit 33-inch tires on a stock Nissan Titan?

2012 Nissan Titan. Wheel parameters: 33×10.8 tire on 20×9 wheel.

Yes, you can. A 33-inch tire can be fitted on the 2004-2018 Titan truck stock. The most popular parameter is a 33×10.8 tire on a 20×9 or 20×10 wheel. Such size allows you to ride your Nissan truck daily without concern or side modifications.

Will 35-inch tires fit on a stock Nissan Titan?

2004 Nissan Titan. Wheel parameters: 35×13.5 tire on 20×12 rim.

No, they won’t. As an exception, a 35-inch tire size can only fit a 2004 Titan with a stock suspension. While a 35-inch tire fits a stock 2004 Nissan truck with no trimming required, you may face slight rubbing at full turn.
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