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YokohamaThe whole world is currently focused on reducing the emission of greenhouse gases through the adoption of sustainable production methods. Within the tire industry, Yokohama has braved several production challenges, in the end positioning itself as a sustainable tire manufacturer.

This review probes Yokohama Tire company’s best practices, assessing customer satisfaction and the company’s current industry ratings.


  • Yokohama Tires are highly rated as per industry standards
  • Most Yokohama brands are manufactured using sustainable technologies
  • Available in multiple sizes to meet every tire market segment


  • Not entirely affordable
  • Offer shorter treadlife warranties compared to competing brands

Yokohama Tires Overview

Yokohama Tires is a Japanese tire company, headquartered in Tokyo, that was established in 1917 as a partnership with BF Goodrich Tire company. The company was the first to roll out the production of corded tires in Japan, with the first batch sold in 1921.

Yokohama tire company, which is the world’s 8th largest tire manufacturing company has had its fair share of challenges since its inception. Throughout the years, the company has taken part in rigorous research, claiming accolades as Japan’s first company to produce golden ply tires in 1931.

In the early 1940s, Yokohama expanded its tire production business, venturing into the manufacture of fighter plane tires. By 1942, the company had made significant strides, establishing a production plant in Singapore.

In the 1950s, Yokohama was credited as the first company in Japan to produce snow/winter tires. The innovation was shortly followed by the company’s decision to test its first tubeless product in 1954.

Yokohama has since diversified its production plants, managing to mass-produce steel belts for industrial uses, radial tires, production of elastic paving materials, and anchor buoys for marine use. The company equally produces high-performance motorbike tires, golf equipment and by 2010 had committed to developing eco-friendly products in order to cut down emission of ozone-depleting gases.

Yokohama tires is a renowned OEM and replacement parts manufacturer for Porsche, Dodge, Lanza, Audi, and select Mercedes Benz brands.

Yokohama Popular Tire Models

Yokohama AVID Touring-S

This is a tire brand that combines performance and durability, to give minivan and passenger car drivers a smooth highway ride. The tires are manufactured to offer optimal grip under all weather conditions, with treads made using Yokohama’s special TriPlex tread compound.

The sidewalls rely on Yokohama’s PerFlex technology which increases sidewall stiffness, protecting the tire’s sidewalls from damage without compromising on cornering responsiveness.

Road noise cancellation has been boosted by producing the tires using the Set-Up technology that retains a constant contact area and reduces vibrations while driving

Yokohama AVID Ascend GT

This tire category has been designed for optimal performance of minivans and diverse passenger cars, fabricated using biodegradable orange oils. The tire’s performance has been enhanced by using the least resistance rubber products, increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicles over different roads.

The tire’s center possesses a solid rib that increases the tire’s sensitivity to steering controls while maximizing contact surface area and grip. Its defense against hydroplaning has been improved by adopting deep grooves that clear surface water aptly.

The tires have been specifically designed for durability whilst offering excellent highway performance.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

An all-season tire brand that provides assurances of superb all-season, off-road traction for truck, SUV, and crossover vehicles. The tire’s resistance to debris cut has been reinforced by using a blend of oil and silica compounds that extends durability as well as improves the tire’s grip.

A full stretch of nylon cover is incorporated in the construction of the tire, thereby increasing the tire’s load-bearing strength and minimizing the deformation of the tire when driving at a higher speed.

The tread’s contact patch ensures that a maximum contact surface area is retained throughout the driving phase, a factor that contributes to even wear and longevity of the tire. As an eco-friendly tire that is manufactured using orange fruit peels, its grooves have been deeply carved in order to improve traction over wet roads.

Yokohama Geolandar M/T+ Truck Tires

These are special truck tires that are meant for off-road driving conditions. This brand contains huge tread blocks that are accompanied by deep voids that allow them to wade through outdoor debris with ease. Its tread pattern extends to the shoulders, increasing the tire’s grip over muddy roads.

The sidewalls have protective bars that prevent tire damage, with treads made using resilient rubber compounds that improve resistance to wear.

Yokohama IceGUARD iG52c Winter Tires

They are high-performance winter tires that have been designed for passenger cars to offer ultimate grip and traction on icy roads. The tires come with circumferential chutes that evacuate adequate amounts of water to avert the dangers of hydroplaning.

The tread blocks contain deep sipes that increase the biting edges to improve snow-to-snow traction. The sipes are locked up together, increasing the stiffness of the tires when cornering inputs are supplied.

Yokohama Warranty Conditions

Yokohama has adopted standard warranty conditions, placing them at par with leading tire brands. The company offers a 30-day cash back guarantee, accompanied by a limited treadwear warranty that lasts up to 50,000 miles.
Yokohama equally offers an unconditional replacement for up to 5 years for all tires produced using defective materials.

Our Opinion

Yokohama tires continue to enjoy excellent consumer reviews mostly because of their sustainability culture that seeks to assure customers of their safety and great value for their money. Though the tires are not entirely cheap, they have emerged as favorite replacement products for diverse car models. Overall, most of Yokohama’s market brands have above-average traction and treadwear ratings.

To better understand Yokohama tires, it is vital to collect verified reviews from consumers who’ve tried and tested some of Yokohama’s products. Customers have applauded Yokohama tires for their excellent traction, low noise levels (comfort) as well as extended treadwear life as compared to competing brands. Their sustainable non-petroleum raw materials have improved the tire’s fuel efficiency.

On the downside, there are isolated complaints by customers who have lamented the tire’s softness which increases the susceptibility of a vehicle to hydroplane even over light rains.

In general, Yokohama is your tire of choice if you are interested in well-priced, highly performing tire brands.

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