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Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS

7.6Expert Score

High Performance All-Season

Wet Performance
Dry performance
Comfort performance
Treadwear performance
Winter/snow performance
Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS tire
Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS outperforms 100% of tires in the High Performance All-Season category.

The AVID ENVigor ZPS is Yokohama’s High Performance All-Season radial developed to meet the year-round driving needs of sports car, coupe and sedan drivers. This tire can provide temporary extended mobility for a distance of up to 50 miles at 50 mph in the event a puncture allows complete air pressure loss.

The AVID ENVigor ZPS radial tire has a special tread compound that helps it work well in all kinds of weather. The five-rib directional pattern helps it stay stable when you’re driving, and the angled grooves and adaptive 3D sipes help it grip the road better in wet or snowy conditions.

The AVID ENVigor ZPS radial’s internal structure features two steel belts that are reinforced by jointless nylon belt covers and belt edge strips. The belts are spirally wound to provide long-term integrity under demanding conditions while reducing tire weight and promoting more uniform ride quality. Two rayon cord body plies help provide predictable handling while absorbing road shock. Yokohama’s Variable Pitch Sequencing (VPS) reduces tread pattern noise for a more peaceful ride.

Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS tread pattern

ZPS is only available on brand-name Yokohama models with self-supporting run-flat tires and a tire pressure monitoring system.


  • a great tire for all weather conditions
  • Has a long treadwear warranty
  • directional design provides crisp handling


  • may not grip the road as well as other brands
  • may wear quickly

Wet performance

Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS tires are designed with wet performance in mind. They provide great grip and wear better than original run flats. The tires have been tested and proven on wet pavement.

8Expert Score

Hydroplaning resistance
Wet traction

Dry performance

Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS are a great alternative to the original runflat tires. They have significantly better dry performance and seem to generate less road noise. Plus, they offer an extra 50 miles of leeway in the case of a flat tire. If you’re looking for peace of mind on long trips, Yokohamas AVID ENVigor ZPS are a great choice.

8.4Expert Score

Cornering stability
Dry traction
Steering response

Comfort performance

Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride while delivering confident traction and predictive handling. These tires are ideal for Mini Cooper S drivers who are looking for a quiet, measured ride with low noise output.

7.5Expert Score

Ride quality
Noise score

Winter&snow performance

7.7Expert Score

Light Snow Traction
Deep Snow Traction
Ice Traction

Overall, the Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS is an excellent tire for drivers who want a good all-around tire that can handle wet and icy conditions well. It has a long treadwear warranty and directional design that provides crisp handling. While it may not grip the road as well as other brands, it makes up for it with its long tread life and overall performance.

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Tire sizes & specifications

Tire sizeLoad index/ Speed ratingUTQGMax loadMax InflationTread DepthTire WeightWheel DiameterRim Width RangeMeasured Rim WidthSection WidthTread WidthOverall DiameterRevs Per MileCountry
195/55RF1687V SL560 A A51 psi10/32″25 lbs165.5-7″6″7.8″6.5″24.4″850JP
205/45RF1784V SL560 A A51 psi11/32″24 lbs176.5-7.5″7″8.2″6.9″24.3″856JP
225/45RF1791V SL560 A A51 psi11/32″28 lbs177-8.5″7.5″8.9″8″25″832JP
225/50RF1794V SL560 A A51 psi11/32″32 lbs176-8″7″9.2″7.5″25.8″805JP
225/55RF1797V SL560 A A51 psi11/32″30 lbs176-8″7″9″7.2″26.6″780JP
255/40RF1794V SL560 AA A51 psi11/32″29 lbs178.5-10″9″10.3″8.4″25.1″828JP
245/40RF1893V SL560 A A51 psi11/32″32 lbs188-9.5″8.5″9.9″8.7″25.6″812JP
245/45RF1896W SL560 A A51 psi11/32″31 lbs187.5-9″8″9.6″8.3″26.6″780JP

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