How To Inflate A Completely Flat Car Tire?

A flat tire is one of the most undesirable issues. When you face a flat tire, you wonder why its deflation was and if it is possible to pump it?

Well, you can inflate an utterly flat car tire with the help of a car portable air compressor. Stick to the recommended PSI level of your tire (info can be found inside a fuel tank lid, on a sticker at a door jamb from the driver’s side, or vehicle’s owner manual). 

However, if the tire has noticeable damage like a puncture or the rim`s steel bead is pulled away from the bead, your tire will gradually lose air. In this case, you may need to replace your flat tire with a spare one.

Reasons why the tire becomes flat

If your tire is deflated, there definitely must be a reason for it. Below are the most common reasons that lead to or cause a flat tire occurrence. 

Valve stem leakage

Tires might gradually deflate due to a broken or improperly fitted valve stem. Put the tire in a water tank that is deep enough to immerse the valve to examine for valve leaks. If it’s faulty, bubbles start forming around the valve, meaning it needs to be replaced.

Bent rim

The cause of air leakage can also be a rim that does not fit snugly against the tire wall or has a noticeable deflection. This is usually noticeable when visually inspecting the wheel.

Old or worn-out tires

Tires start wearing out and lose strength properties as they age. Such a tendency makes them prone to leaks and punctures. It’s crucial to get new tires if yours are worn out.

Tire damage

If you suspect an air leakage in your tire, observe it for any signs of external damage. Usually, the tire may become flat after the impact with road debris, potholes, bumps, or small pieces of glass or stones.

Can I Inflate A Flat Tire Myself?

Pumping a tire is not a complicated task. You only have to be consequential and attentive to complete the job correctly.

To inflate a flat tire, you`ll need a portable air compressor. In advance, check your vehicle`s recommended tire pressure to avoid over-inflating the tire.

Follow these steps to assist you:

Step 1: Unscrew the valve stem cap. Put it in your pocket so that you won’t lose it.

Step 2: Attach the nozzle of the air compressor to the tire`s valve stem firmly.

Step 3: Start inflating the tire. Keep adding air until you reach the tire pressure level recommended for your vehicle.

Step 4: When it’s done, carefully remove the air nozzle from the valve stem and screw the cap back in its place.

Can I Drive On A Flat Tire?

Driving on a flat tire is unsafe and damages the wheel and the tire. The only exception is if you know a gas or service station nearby where you can address the issue. If so, turn on the hazard lights and drive slowly to your destination.
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