How Long Does It Take To Replace Two Tires

If you notice that your tires have a leak or puncture, have worn tread, or just want to switch from summer to winter set, you probably want to know: how long does it take to replace two tires?

Well, the time may vary. 20 minutes – if you are changing two tires on your own. From 7 to 10 minutes – with the help of an experienced car mechanic. From 40 minutes to 3 hours – at the tires service center.

The two-tire replacement time depends on the vehicle type, wheel conditions, and the person who does the job.

In our article, we will dig deeper to let you know what can significantly influence the time needed for two tires replacement.

Which Factors Can Make Two Tires Change Last Longer?

Let’s be honest: when it happens that you have to change two tires, you want this process to be easy and relatively fast, so you can get into your car and enjoy the ride.

However, some things can make the two-tire replacement take longer than you thought. Below we will consider which are they.

Vehicle type

Tire change on a convenient sedan is easier and faster than on an old truck. When tire change on a sedan doesn`t require any additional tools, an old truck may need bigger and more powerful equipment to take off the larger wheels.

Wheel condition

If your rim is not new and has rust on nuts and bolts, removal of the wheel may need extra time and effort. Stuck bolts and nuts may need WD-40 treatment and additional tools for better assistance. As a result, your tire change time significantly extends.

Car mechanic

When you hand the task of changing two tires to a mechanic, you probably expect you won`t wait much time until it’s done. If a person works at the tire service station for a long time, you`ll save time. Otherwise, you`ll have to wait for more.

Do I Have To Make Wheel Alignment After Replacing Two Tires?

As you wish. There is no high necessity for that. However, when you know that your two tires are aligned properly, you sleep better. 

Moreover, with aligned tires, you know you won’t face uneven tire wear and change in your vehicle’s handling.

Do I Have To Balance New Tires?

It is better to make it. Balancing your tires prevents vibrations and excessive tire and suspension components wear, which can affect your driving comfort.

How To Change Two Tires On Your Own?

  • Find a spot with an even surface to prevent your vehicle from rolling. It could be an empty parking lot or garage or any other place where you won’t be in the way of other vehicles.
  • Put your gear lever in a neutral position and pull up the handbrake. 
  • Place wedges against the other tires. If you don’t have them, you can use stones or bricks.
  • Take a wheel wrench and loosen all bolts, but don’t remove them altogether.
  • Place a car jack under your vehicle close to a wheel you are to remove. Lift the vehicle until the tire is off the ground.
  • Unscrew all bolts and put them somewhere so you won’t lose any of them.
  • Remove the wheel. Use a tire iron to take off the tire from the rim.
  • Mount a new tire on the rim and then place it back on your vehicle. Screw all the bolts by hand.
  • Carefully lower your car down completely. Use a wheel wrench to tighten all the bolts on the wheel. Remove the car jack.

To Sum Up

The time needed to replace two tires can vary and depend on circumstances.

If you are replacing two tires on your own  – 20 minutes and you are ready to go. If you resort to a tire shop, an experienced car mechanic will replace your two tires in 10 minutes. If you are visiting the tire service center – expect from 40 minutes to 3 hours until two tire replacement is done to your vehicle.
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