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Sumitomo Encounter AT Tire Review

8.6Expert Score

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Wet Performance
Dry performance
Comfort performance
Treadwear performance
Winter/snow performance
Strong sides
  • Cheaper than most all-terrain brands
  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Modest performance in different terrains with winter capabilities
Not so good
  • Noisier on most roads

Drive anywhere without compromising the comfort, safety, and durability of your tires. That may seem like a tall order. Fortunately, Sumitomo Encounter AT all-terrain tire permits you to navigate any kind of road.

The Japanese Company Sumitomo has made a mark for itself in the all-terrain tire market by introducing Encounter AT tires. This review uncovers the specs and design features that enable these affordable tires to conquer the rough terrains and still offer remarkable highway performance.

The tires are available in sizes between 15 and 20-inch wheel diameters, thus being an excellent choice for SUVs, Crossovers, and pickup trucks.

Sumitomo Encounter AT outperforms 95% of tires in the On-/Off-Road All-Terrain category.

What are the features of the Sumitomo Encounter A/T?

The tire tread is molded from an all-terrain, wear-resistant compound to enhance performance on most surfaces. The tires have a rugged tread pattern that gives them an aggressive look.

To boost the traction capabilities of the tire, Sumitomo uses an open tread design on Encounter A/T. It has open shoulders and center blocks that contain stepped edges. The open shoulders are vital for enhancing the stability of the tires over different driving speeds.

Sumitomo Encounter A/T tread pattern
Sumitomo Encounter A/T tread pattern

Sumitomo Encounter A/T tires feature wide circumferential grooves (four), utilized for evacuating surface runoffs. Sufficient water expulsion protects the vehicle against hydroplaning. The four circumferential grooves and well-positioned block sipes increase the biting edges to navigate slippery or snowy roads. 

Encounter A/T tires, tailored for winter use, have independent tread blocks and sets of zigzagging sipes in their shoulders to increase their snow traction capabilities. To reinforce the tires for a superb off-roading experience, Sumitomo constructs the internal casing of Encounter A/T using two-ply polyester strips.

They also use a pair of high-strength steel belts. Spiraling nylon reinforcements form part of tire stabilizers and improve the comfort capabilities of Sumitomo Encounter A/T.

How long does the Sumitomo Encounter AT tire last? 

Like most brands, Sumitomo has proven itself as a company that manufactures long-lasting tire products. This is reflected in their warranty policies. For instance, the company offers a limited tread life warranty for five years after purchase or the first 60,000 miles of tire operation.

The uniformity warranty covers the initial 2/32” of the tread wear. It also comes with a workmanship and material defect warranty that lasts for five years after purchase. Customers enjoy a 30-day free return policy on all tire products.

Encounter A/T tires have standard tread wear indicators in the form of small rubber strips embedded in circumferential grooves.

Off-road performance

The symmetric tread patterns on Sumitomo Encounter A/T tires contribute to improved traction capabilities to permit off-road navigation. Wide tread blocks, deep grooves, and sipes provide extra contact surfaces that increase the tires’ traction on dirt and sandy roads. These design features assist the tires in driving through moderately muddy roads.

Encounter A/T tires have well-positioned stone ejectors to expel debris from the tire’s grooves, ensuring that a sufficient footprint is retained when driving on hard-packed or gravel roads.

Rocky roads do not pose much of a challenge for Sumitomo Encounter A/T tires. However, performance levels drop as the size of rocks grows. The rigid internal construction provides the tires with sufficient protection against punctures by abrasive surfaces, chips, and stone cuts.

8.5Expert Score


Wet performance

8.8Expert Score

Hydroplaning resistance
Wet traction

Encounter A/T tires have a set of four deep grooves and large lateral channels between blocks to allow efficient evacuation of surface runoffs. It protects the vehicle against hydroplaning and improves the braking capabilities.

The tires come with additional lateral grooves that extend the effective biting edges to enhance grip on the road. Large tread blocks ensure that the tires retain a continuous yet sufficient footprint on the wet road surface.

With sufficient wet traction, drivers can handle their vehicles with ease. The tires remain responsive on wet and slippery roads and do not pose any challenges when cornering.

Dry performance

8.8Expert Score

Cornering stability
Dry traction
Steering response

Sumitomo Encounter A/T performs well on dry pavements. The tread compound is molded to form symmetrical tread patterns that maximize the contact surface areas of the tires.

Encounter A/T tires grip firmly on the road and maintain excellent highway stability to allow high-speed driving.

By keeping an even footprint on the road, driving becomes predictable. Braking occurs over short distances, and responsiveness to steering controls is crisp.

Overall, predictable handling and shorter braking distances make these tires safe at high speed, dry surface driving.

Comfort performance

8.7Expert Score

Ride quality
Noise score

All-terrain tires have an aggressive look which partly impedes noise control and ride comfort capabilities. Sumitomo Encounter A/T faces the same challenges. Much focus has been placed on off-roading capabilities.

On the highway, the tires are a little noisy. The roar of the tread as it hits the tarmac can be heard within the vehicle. At lower speeds, the noise levels are lower. In terms of ride comfort and quality, the tires are likely to conform to surface irregularities.

They transfer vibrations and surface shocks from the roads onto the car compartment. For an affordable, all-terrain tire, the quality of the ride and the noise levels are within manageable limits.

Winter&snow performance

8.7Expert Score

Light Snow Traction
Deep Snow Traction
Ice Traction

Encounter A/T tires have large tread blocks on the shoulder of the tire. They are complemented by 3D sipes and zigzag grooves, which guarantee sufficient biting edges to provide the extra grip and traction needed to wade over light snow. Traction is sufficient; tires remain responsive to steering and offer predictable handling.

Sumitomo Encounter A/T is not a winter tire but exhibits modest capabilities when used for winter driving.

Are Sumitomo Encounter AT good? 

Sumitomo Encounter A/T is a competitively priced all-terrain tire with good off-road and highway performance. The tires are stable, have good traction, and can perform favorably in winter conditions. If you are looking to purchase an all-terrain tire at an affordable budget, you should consider Sumitomo Encounter A/T.

Tire sizes & specifications

Tire sizeLoad index/ Speed ratingUTQGMax loadMax InflationTread DepthTire WeightWheel DiameterRim Width RangeMeasured Rim WidthSection WidthTread WidthOverall DiameterRevs Per MileCountry
235/75R15105T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″35 lbs156-8″6.5″9.2″7.5″29″729TH
235/75R15109T XL660 A B50 psi13/32″35 lbs156-8″6.5″9.3″7.5″29″729TH
31X10.5R15LT109R C50 psi17/32″50 lbs157-9″8.5″10.8″8.4″30.4″697TH
LT225/75R16115/112R E80 psi16/32″41 lbs166-7″6″8.6″7.2″29.3″713TH
235/70R16106T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″38 lbs166-8″7″9.4″7.9″29″729TH
LT235/85R16120/116R E80 psi17/32″45 lbs166-7.5″6.5″9.4″7.3″31.7″658TH
245/70R16107T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″40 lbs166.5-8″7″9.8″8.2″29.7″714TH
LT245/75R16120/116R E80 psi17/32″47 lbs166.5-8″7″9.7″7.7″30.3″688TH
245/75R16111T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″39 lbs166.5-8″7″9.7″7.8″30.5″694TH
255/70R16111T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″42 lbs166.5-8.5″7.5″10.1″8.5″30.2″701TH
265/70R16112T SL660 A B51 psi13/32″46 lbs167-9″8″10.8″8.9″30.8″689TH
265/75R16116T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″46 lbs167-9″7.5″10.6″8.4″31.7″669TH
LT265/75R16123/120R E80 psi17/32″55 lbs167-8″7.5″10.5″8.4″31.5″664TH
LT285/75R16126/123R E80 psi18/32″61 lbs167.5-9″8″11.3″9.1″32.7″640TH
235/70R17108T XL660 A B50 psi12/32″40 lbs176-8″7″9.4″7.9″30.1″700TH
235/75R17109T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″40 lbs176-8″6.5″9.3″7.5″31.3″674TH
LT235/80R17120/117R E80 psi17/32″47 lbs176-7.5″6.5″9.1″7.2″31.8″655TH
245/65R17107T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″39 lbs177-8.5″7″9.6″8.4″29.6″719TH
245/70R17110T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″42 lbs176.5-8″7″9.8″8.2″30.7″689TH
LT245/70R17119/116S E80 psi17/32″49 lbs176.5-8″7″9.8″8.3″30.8″676TH
LT245/75R17121/118R E80 psi17/32″49 lbs176.5-7.5″7″9.6″7.7″31.7″659TH
255/65R17110T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″42 lbs177-9″7.5″10.2″8.6″30.1″707TH
255/70R17112T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″43 lbs176.5-8.5″7.5″10.2″8.5″31.1″679TH
265/65R17112T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″43 lbs177.5-9.5″8″10.6″9″30.6″697TH
LT265/70R17121/118S E80 psi17/32″54 lbs177-8.5″8″10.8″8.9″31.9″653TH
265/70R17115T SL660 A B51 psi13/32″46 lbs177-9″8″10.8″8.9″31.7″666TH
LT285/70R17121/118S E80 psi18/32″60 lbs177.5-9″8.5″11.9″9.6″32.8″637TH
P285/70R17117T SL660 A B51 psi13/32″52 lbs177.5-9.5″8.5″11.6″9.6″32.9″645TH
LT315/70R17121/118S E65 psi19/32″74 lbs178-11″9.5″13″10.4″34.7″604TH
255/70R18113T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″46 lbs186.5-8.5″7.5″10.2″8.6″32.2″654TH
265/60R18110T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″43 lbs187.5-9.5″8″10.5″9″30.6″694TH
265/65R18114T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″45 lbs187.5-9.5″8″10.6″9.1″31.5″675TH
LT265/70R18124/121S E80 psi17/32″59 lbs187-9″8″10.9″8.9″32.8″634TH
265/70R18116T SL660 A B51 psi13/32″49 lbs187-9″8″10.7″8.9″32.8″644TH
275/65R18116T SL660 A B51 psi13/32″51 lbs187.5-9.5″8″10.8″9.3″32.1″662TH
LT275/65R18123/120S E80 psi18/32″58 lbs187.5-9″8″10.8″9.4″32.1″651TH
LT275/70R18125/122S E80 psi18/32″62 lbs187-8.5″8″11.1″9.3″33.4″624TH
LT285/65R18125/122S E80 psi18/32″62 lbs188-10″8.5″11.4″9.7″32.5″644TH
LT325/65R18127/124R E65 psi19/32″78 lbs189-12″9.5″13.2″11.1″34.7″604TH
LT265/60R20121/118R E80 psi17/32″55 lbs207.5-9.5″8″10.2″9″32.7″636TH
275/55R20117T XL660 A B50 psi12/32″48 lbs207.5-9.5″8.5″10.9″9.4″31.9″661TH
275/60R20115T SL660 A B51 psi12/32″49 lbs207.5-9.5″8″10.8″9.3″33″640TH
LT275/65R20126/123S E80 psi18/32″63 lbs207.5-9.5″8″10.8″9.5″34.2″611TH
LT285/55R20121/119R E80 psi18/32″59 lbs208-10″9″11.3″10″32.5″640TH
LT285/60R20125/122R E80 psi18/32″62 lbs208-10″8.5″11.3″9.6″33.5″622TH
LT305/55R20121/118S E65 psi18/32″67 lbs208.5-11″9.5″12.3″10.7″33.2″628TH
LT325/60R20121/118S D50 psi19/32″79 lbs209-12″9.5″12.8″11.3″35.4″589TH
35X12.5R20LT121Q E65 psi19/32″75 lbs208.5-11″10″12.9″11″34.7″604TH

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